Yes, She said YES!

It all started with an SMS from RunRio Event Manager, Kathy:

“RunRio Core Team,

We are all required to be present at the Running for Love music video shoot tomorrow at UP Diliman Bahay ng Alumni. Call time is 2:30pm.  Please be on time because the production team and director will be there to brief and prep us.

Please come in jeans and plain white shirt/top. Cc- Rio, GM”

This SMS was also followed by a late afternoon call, several missed calls at night and an SMS message from Registration Manager and Rio’s pretty sister, our well-loved Dada (Merlyn to most of the runners). So I thought, “Hmm, this shoot seems to be really special.”

So the following day, I was off to UP with runner-blogger friend, Eman, (who was specifically requested by Dada to be with us during the “shoot”) carrying with us our jeans and “perfect white shirt”. 😉

We arrived at the UP Bahay ng Alumni with a few minutes to spare so we got dressed and there met the other members of the RunRio team. From the UP bahay ng Alumni, we transferred to the UP Oblation where the “shoot” will supposedly happen.

A long wait ensued with the “usual suspect” unleashing some quotable quotes:

Boy, Running Host:


When asked if he brought his camera: “Kailangan may kanya-kanyang camera?”

Lou, RunRio Event Manager aka SITSIRITSIT:


“Hindi ba dapat pag may ganitong MTV shoot, dapat may STORYBOARD?”

Eman, aka Chummy Blogger:


“Kailangan ba talaga sa UP ang shoot, di ba puede naman sa BGC?”

Me, aka Mommy Irma:

After waiting for more than an hour already, to Lou: “I’m getting RESTLESS.” To which Lou remanrked: “And so am I!”

Restless me did not let all the talk stop there. I did a little investigating to find out why the shoot is taking long to start. In every person I talked with to inquire from, there was this remark that gave me the impression that Coy (Nicole to everyone outside the RunRio circle and Rio’s ladylove), is not supposed to know something.

With my kulit and chismosa instinct, I turned to the group and told them that “I am feeling that there won;t be a shoot and that a proposal is in the offing”. The group – who I found out later were left out of the grand plan too, became really excited with the thought/possibility. 

The excitement really went up when both Kathy and Dada arrived with the exciting confirmation. Yes, we were all taken for a ride – there will be no MTV shoot but instead Rio will be popping THE QUESTION to Coy and that the scene is currently on-going in a particular UP-Ikot jeep.

All the rest are scenes that are really so so touching and KILIG. I would have loved to share every kuwento but this is both Coy’s and Rio’s story. It will be a lot better to hear their own account of this special moment in their relationship. 

Meanwhile, as I got Rio;s approval, I will share to you some pictures to give you an idea of what transpired during this “shoot”.

And to Coy and Rio, as we have always said time and again, we are all so happy for both of you and we look forward to your spending a happy and blessed life together. And hopefully when it is the wedding already, we won’t be receiving an SMS for a music video shoot in place of a wedding invitation ha. 🙂 Yun oh!


the UP-Ikot jeep that brought Coy and Rio to the UP Oblation with the Up Dharma Down singing Tadhana


Zoom-in to RunRio resident videographer as a Becky-in-disguise while trying to record the scenes inside the jeep


and Rio gets down to his knees and nervously popped THE question to Coy who tearily answered YES!


sa kaba, nakalimutan hubarin ang shades! hehe. 😛


and they are officially engaged!



7 Responses

  1. cute 🙂 congrats to the happy couple!!

  2. huwaaaaw, UP Diliman really has a special spot in Coach Rio’s heart thats why even on his special engagement day, kelangan sa UP talaga ang venue.

    nice article, Ms Vims…thank you for sharing this to us. si Coach Rio pa naman, very private sa kanyang lovelife.

    Congrats congrats! Very unique ang wedding proposal ni Coach…winner! Best wishes Rio and Coy….

  3. oh my gosh! that wuz soo sweet ! 😀 congratulations to coach rio, for a new chapter of your life. And the ring, it’s wonderful!

  4. Nice! Congrats to both!

  5. the beauty with kulitrunner’s blog is that you feel youre there when she writes.. and faster than a podium finisher. .. she comes up with the latest news and photo faster than you can say “copy paste”

    cheers to you and to you blog ms vimz! for bravely saying what you believe in and for taking us,, your readers in your journey!

    btw.. great article.. unflattering pic..but great article just as well!

  6. Nice Coach… When will be the wedding? Invite US.. 🙂 were happy for you…

  7. nice congrats Rio finally

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