Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 Registration UPDATE

Hello folks! 

The registration for this year’s CONDURA SKYWAY MARATHON, Run for the Mangroves will close on Sunday, January 29. That means all those who are still undecided/procrastinating on whether to register or not only have a little over a full week to register (11 days to be exact!).  

AND if you are interested on registering for the full (42km) or half (21km) marathon race categories, you may want to do that fast   since these two categories seems to be the fastest-selling items in the “menu”. Truth to that fact is the news update that was shared to us by no less than Mr. Ton Concepcion that they have already reached the same number of registration slots that the 21km and 42km of last year’s Condura Skyway Marathon had — with still 11 days of registration to go! So slots for these two categories may sell out already and you may find yourself unable to participate in this highly anticipated race of the year (which I am sure you don’t want to happen). 😉

Meanwhile corporate bulk registration may eat up the shorter distance race category slots as it corporate regitration comes in starting next week. 

Register now and get to receive your own finisher’s medal whether you are running a 3km or a 42km or something in between!

Interested to know more details about this race? You may want to visit their official website HERE or their Facebook Fan Page HERE.


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