Kulitrunner and other Runner-Bloggers in Runner’s World Philippines

Runner's World Magazine Philippines, Jan-Mar 2012 issue

Issue number 1 for year 2012 of the Runner’s World Philippines magazine is a very special one for me! Aside from it being a “Marathon Special” issue featuring tips and advice on running your first marathon and on getting and staying fit, it has for its Special Feature, a full page each dedicated for eight (8) runner bloggers! And yep, that includes me and this blog!

RW's special feature on running bloggers πŸ™‚

The section says that it is featuring the “runners behind eight of Manila’s most viewed running blogs” – Β a “passionate bunch who takes running and blogging very seriously” and who “inspire, educate, inform and add a lot of fun to the local running community”. Naks naman!Β 


Sometime during the latter part of 2011, I surprisingly received an email from contributing writer/photographer, Ms. Monica Barretto asking if I would agree for me and my blog to be featured, together with a number of other running bloggers, in Runner’s World Philippines. I honestly had to re-read the email repeatedly as I really can’t believe it at first.

You see, I only have my occasional shot at “print media fame” via Jaymie’s The Bull Runner magazine and Tanya Lara’s Crazy Quit column at the Philippine Star. And mind you, aside from the obvious that they are my friends, (reason why I probably was there in print in the first place – love you Jayms and Tans! hehe!), those instances where my face, name or even blog site saw print was because there was a feature about runners, a race or our group of running friends. Never was it particularly zeroing on just “me” or “my blog”.

That was why, I had to let a day or two pass before I can send Monica a reply. I have thought and decided, that Yes, if somebody believed that I am worth a page in print, then there is no reason why I wouldn’t believe the same too. I said yes, agreed on a particular shoot schedule and began with the task of answering the questionnaire sent for the feature article.

A LOT OF HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (oh and Boss too!)

The shoot will have to happen in our workplace to see the other side of us beyond running and blogging. I had to nervously tell my boss about this and ask for approval for this shoot to take place. I carefully took special note on how I will have to explain to her that no work operation will be disrupted. I was really so lucky that I need not have to beg for approval, my boss was even as excited as I am upon learning about it. (whew! Super thanks Boss, you’re the best! #nopenotsipsip!)

I also told a select number of friends about this and they excitedly gave me tips and ideas on what to do. My good friend from Skechers, Brand Marketing Manager Bernice Bobadilla, even went as far as sending me a new pair of Skechers shoes for the shoot. Not that I do not have any running shoes (of course I have, I am a runner! πŸ˜› ), but isn’t it really like your birthday or Christmas photo that you should look good and have new kicks on your feet? For this shoot, I did! πŸ™‚

Next problem, my top! I wouldn’t want to wear anything sleeveless and let the whole running community in Manila/Philippines that I have got legs on my upper extremities! But then again, I only have running singlets and I wouldn’t want to wear cotton shirts too! So here comes another friend, Bilog of http://www.mountainbike.ph to the rescue! I have this oh so cool “Padyak Maynila” mtbiker’s jersey but I am unable to wear it anymore ever since I gave birth (I still have an on-going battle with the great bulge!) so I had to ask her is she has still on sale an extra at the size one step larger than what I currently have. Luck will have it that she has one and so problem solved!

My shoot will have me featured as a runner wearing my favorite Padyak Maynila mtbiking jersey – I get to show that as much as I am a runner, I also love mtbiking as my other active sport. πŸ™‚


Before the shoot, I had to be made up (thanks Cats Del Rosario!) – hair and face – just as like I was to go to a party. I will never forget that this make-up session was the time that I will finally oblige to have my upper lip’s hair removed because “it will show in the pictures”. After saying a quick prayer that I hopefully will not look funny without that upper lip hair that me and everyone I know have gotten used to already, I consented! You know what folks, I actually look ok, nothing much have changed except for I actually look good. Cats really is a fine make-up artist – I got her card and vowed to get in touch with her if ever I need to have such service soon! πŸ˜‰

That was Cats, having the very first honor of getting rid of my upper lip hair!

The actual photo shoot was a breeze but actually kinda difficult. It is hard to always give your best and most natural smile without feeling tired. For the first time, I felt tired smiling! I had a mental note to self: “For these photoshoots, I will have to declare that it isn’t easy to be a celebrity” and that I will not be mean to celebs who will have to beg of with photo-ops after sometime. It is really not that easy. But hey, don’t get me wrong, IT WAS FUN! I get to learn what my best angle in pictures are and a lot of “posing tips”.Β 

Monica working her magic at photography (this pose did not make it on print!)

were the pictures good? πŸ˜‰

had to rearrange the table to make it look good

We had to pose for several different poses and hope that the best one will be the one to make it on print. Luckily, as I reviewed the shots with Monica, most were great shots. Monica’s an awesome and patient photog. l would actually give an arm (okay, that’s an exaggeration!) to have at least one copy to keep as a memento of this fine moment. πŸ™‚

before the shoot is done, I just had to have this souvenir shot with Cats, Monica and their assistant (sorry forgot his name!)


I'm on page 76 folks! πŸ™‚

I had to stay discreetly excited when January 2012 began, secretly checking out FB for updates on the release of the said Runner’s World Jan-Mar 2012 issue. Of course I am EXCITED! Who wouldn’t be?

The day that the magazine was out in bookstores and newsstands was the day that I and a number of other blogger friends were to attend a product launch in the BGC area. After the launch, our group had a side-trip to Fully Booked BHS to check out the mag and for me to grab 3 copies (one for me, my sister and my sister-in-law who kept on reminding me to get her a copy). Surprisingly, my blogger friends each got their own copies too. Awww, I was touched! (but I am never signing those magazines, i am really, really not! hehe!).

I just finished reading the page of each featured bloggers – Jaymie (the Bull Runner), Dennis (Running Pinoy), PatCon (Running Shield), Noelle (Kikay Runner), Sir Rene (Jazzrunner), Jinoe and Que (Takbo.ph) and Cheryl (Little Running Teacher). I can say that super-duper liked what I saw as the feature put the runner-bloggers in such a pretty sight – where readers can see into how much into running they really are and probably for some, to get to know that there is a blog such as ours.Β 

It is truly an honor to be featured among the seven of this top runner-bloggers in an internationally franchised-magazine such as the Runner’s World. I may not be truly deserving of it in other people’s opinion but if the people behind the publication think that this blog really does inspire, inform and educate then I am really so grateful of that recognition. Shows that whatever I am putting in this blog is oh so worth it.

Lastly, I would like to thank the people from Summit Media, Runner’s World especially to Ms. Monica Barretto for this feature, to Ms. Cats del Rosario for making me look good for the shoot, to the good people of Skechers Philippines for my shoes, to Jenny Arce of Mountain Bike PH for my jersey, to Ms. Dada del Carmen of FPTI for the approval to use my office for the shoot and to my good friend Gian Amurao for doumenting the shoot for me with pictures. Thank you!Β 

If you are interested to see the special feature on us bloggers, you can grab a copy of the Jan-Mar 2012 issue of Runner’s World Philippines from bookstores and magazine stands all over the Philippines with awesome couple Noy and Amale Jopson on the cover. The said issue also comes with a complimentary arm-band/gadget holder.Β 

Cheers! πŸ™‚


13 Responses

  1. asteeeeeeeg! congrats ma’am vimz!

  2. Wow! Celebrity blogger πŸ™‚ Congrats. . nice photo ops! Pwedeng himingi ng copy? πŸ™‚

  3. Very like! I’m proud of you!

  4. wow! congrats mam vimz! will surely grab a copy when it comes out πŸ™‚

  5. I have a copy of this issue..and your blog is really helpful for a beginner in running like me..Keep rockin’..

  6. Just read the article.. Congrats!!!! Galing.

  7. this is an awesome issue to start 2012. not only are the features stories/bloggers so great. it also comes with a free arm band that i was able to use immediately the next training day. congrats for being featured in the magazine. just keep on bloggin and runnin…

  8. Hi!

    i have here a survey that aims at understanding your basic preferences before, during and after the race. The results will help us come up with innovations to make our running experience more enjoyable and engaging.

    here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RcXe3wn6RkSEeFLLLlGj4imrAxDFVS9DiPsF5mBPHKM/viewform?pli=1

    please do share the link! (sorry for this off-topic comment but i will truly appreciate your help) Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

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