Powerade Ion4, the Complete Sports Drink Launched

On the first day of February, the Coca-Cola company launched the new Powerade ION4 with Advanced Electrolyte System. VIPs, media and a number of bloggers were invited to take part in this event. The launch was more like a “posh-sports boot camp” of sorts. We running bloggers came wearing our running gear as this was the dress code specified in our invitation.

What we thought to be a running-related launch activity was actually a launch with activities involving FOUR Sports disciplines – Basketball, Football, Cycling/Fitness and of course Running. All four incidentally, are the sports which the new Powerade ION4 Ambassadors are famous in: David Semerad for Basketball, Neil Etheridge for Football, Chinggay Andrada  for Fitness and Coach Rio de la Cruz for Running. In each sports discipline challenges were put-up in the objective of getting one winner for each. Exciting!

BASKETBALL Booth: The participant who got the most number of successful three-point shots in a given time frame wins the challenge.

the Basketball Challenge area

FOOTBALL Booth: The challenger who got the most number of goals in a give time frame wins the challenge.

FITNESS/CYCLING Booth: The participant who will be able to do a continuous cycling activity with the stationary bicycle with its gear set to the heaviest resistance for the longest time wins the challenge.

RUNNING Booth: The challenger who will be able to cover a 1KM run on the treadmill the quickest wins the challenge.

We all agreed to at least try one challenge (not necessarily running!) so that as Bards said, “may saysay ang pagsuot natin ng running attire”. I specifically did not want to try running as most of the male runners I saw who were present there were eyeing the Running Challenge. I knew how much pressure it can give if I get to run side-by-side one of them (and I was wearing a RunRio shirt!).

Like most of my friends who were there to enjoy the activities, I signed-up for the Fitness (Cycling) Challenge. During the challenges, one is expected to replenish lost electrolytes by drinking the sports drink. But for this new Powerade product, the good news was that the usual four electrolytes that we lose from sweating is actually replaced. Other sports drinks only has two electrolytes and in some unfortunately only one.

For Powerade Ion4, the body is replaced with sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium plus a significant bonus of carbohydrate fuel. Hmm, this product really holds such promise. I was even really thinking, if this one has 4 ions/electrolytes then should I still be needing other energy supplements to help me endure my long runs? Or will the combination of both water and Powerade ION4 will truly be enough?

Learn more about what is new and exciting about POWERADE ION4 aside from it having four superb athletes as its endorsers/ambassadors by taking time to read this OFFICIAL RELEASE and PR DOCUMENTI also encourage you guys to try it as it is what I am also planning to do when I slowly ease back to my running training.

Lastly, you may ask what happened to the challenges? Two good men whom I do not know won the basketball and football challenges. Our friend and runner-blogger Dennis won the running challenge easily and I, dear folks, surprisingly emerged as the winner from the fitness/cycling challenge. I had a taste of a “podium finish” (well something that resembles it, sort of) at last! 😛

POWERADE ION4 is now available in all convenience, grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide. 🙂


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