The Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon Series 2012

Last Wednesday was XTERRA Launch Day! At noon, there was the posh event launch meant for the mainstream media at the Ballroom of the Dusit Hotel in Makati and in the evening, a more intimate launch/gathering was held exclusively for the running bloggers. I was fortunate enough to be asked to attend both events.

The noon launch for the mainstream media was, in my own opinion – POSH and BIG. There was a great number of people from tri-media in attendance and the who’s-who from the main sponsor – Vaseline Men and the big shots of Sunrise Events as headed by Mr. Fred Uytengsu – Sunrise Events (and Alaska Milk’s too!)  President and CEO and representatives from other sponsors. The part of the Dusit Ballroom was packed!

The highlight of that launch of course was the presentation of the details for the whole concept of the year-long XTERRA Philippines Off-Road Triathlon Series of 2012 and the introduction of Vaseline Men as the series’ new title sponsor for the next five years.

Sunrise Events and Alaska Milk's Wilfred Steven Uytengsu

Executive from Unilever/Vaseline

Oh and of course I have to say that perhaps the media launch’s icing on the cake was the presence of Vaseline men’s image model – actor and matinee idol Jericho Rosales who graced the activity to show his support for both Vaseline and Xterra. During the time that I was fortunately introduced to him,I asked him if he is going to participate in the event too. He nervously replied with an “I guess I have too” – sounding pretty excited and nervous at the same time. 🙂

Yes, yes that's me with Jericho

The hosts, Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion, the people of Unilever/Vaseline with Jericho Rosales and Fred Uytengsu with Princess Galura of Sunrise Events

Meanwhile, the blogger’s event during dinner was more laid back but intimate. There were lots of informal chit-chats and the presentation and question and answer was pretty cool and informal – the exact opposite of the very organized and formal launch earlier in the day. But on hindsight, no matter how informal and light the blogcon was, it was here where you can see people in the same wavelength talk about the event details with a high-level of anticipation and interest.

Tricia hosts the blogger's launch

Race Director Guy Concepcion explains the race event's technical details

Vaseline Men Brand Manager Jonathan Pua

Princess having a light moment with us bloggers

Group Souvenir picture

with my friends - Bebang, Princess and Kyn 🙂

So what were the things that I was able to gather from both events? Let me share to you some of the talking points:


In 1996, the first XTERRA off-road triathlon was “born on the beach” in Maui.

Since then, XTERRA has grown into a global phenomenon as the leading off-road triathlon series with more than 175 events in 17 countries.

XTERRA is the first race to blend the laid-back style of mountain biking and trail running with the hard-core training and avid dedication associated with the triathlon.


  • Is the biggest “Off-Road Triathlon Brand” in the world
  • Produces the world’s leading off-road triathlon series
  • Manages a 60-race worldwide trail running series
  • Has its own line of branded products ranging from wetsuits to fitness equipment to tech wear and apparel.
  • Produces eight to 10 new TV shows each year,
  • Has an Eco Team that helps preserve and protect race venues and a Foundation designed to provide educational opportunities for at-risk youth.


The Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon Series of races is brought to the Philippines by Sunrise Events, Inc. the sames group which brings to us the Ironman Brand of Events and soon, the 5150. 

To see details of the first two legs of the series, you can check it here:

Vaseline Men XTERRA Weekend


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