Run United 1 RACE RESULTS via SMS: A New Innovation from RunRio

Hey folks! RunRio again sets the bar higher as far as race results publishing is concerned with its new innovation. While the official web link for the race results is being prepared, the individual race results can now be obtained via RunRio’s Race Results SMS/Text Messaging Service: the RUNRIO E-COM! Cool huh?

Read on for the full excerpt of the announcement about RUNRIO E-COM from RunRio’s main man, Coach Rio De La Cruz:

Dear 2012 Run United 1 Finishers:

Congratulations for finishing the run yesterday.  We are deeply honored to witness over 13,000 runners who made running a part of their healthy lifestyle.  As we continue to provide innovative race solutions, you can now personally check your time/race results through RUNRIO E-COM.

To get your chip time, please type RESULT RU1/DISTANCE/BIB NO/NAME/BIRTHDATE, example: result ru1/5k/5447/thomas caballero/06201973 and send your SMS to mobile no. 09229992444.

We are encouraging you to try our new application and we hope that the experience will be a positive one.  The official results will be posted in Unilab Active Health and RunRio Facebook fan pages starting March 12, Monday.

Please take note the SMS that you will receive are system-generated, therefore we ask you to send your questions, comments and timing concerns through or you may call our hotline nos. 7031736, 09165709220 and 09297178164, 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri.

Thank you for joining RU1-RunRio Trilogy and we hope to see you again on June 17 for RU2!

Your running partner,

Rio De La Cruz

 Disclaimer:  The timing chip was attached to your bib.  If your bib was not attached properly OR if you failed to step on the electronic timing mats, your time will not be recorded.


16 Responses

  1. cool got mine 🙂

  2. Got a reply in 15 seconds. This is the s#it! I love it!

  3. marereceive po ba agad ung time?

  4. got mine

  5. why not post it all.

    • Hi Aethen. If you are referring to the overall race results, the you have to wait until Monday, March 12. This is the schedule that RunRio said they will be publishing the overall race results. Thanks!

  6. got the results as well for my brother: Allan and Alzean Mejias – perfect! Good job 🙂

  7. Great innovation! Good Job RunRio! Expect more in the future!

  8. it’s saying my bib number’s invalid.

  9. Ang galing 🙂 ang cool ahehe

  10. if they can generate individual results easily thru this system, why not post the overall results without costing the runners extra peso just to text. I hate it when simple things like this become business. Wala lang, opinion ko lang.

    • The SMS facility is not a mandatory thing. It is still up for the runner to decide if he/she will avail of it. Your opinion is good but I don’t think I will share the same. I am not one to waste energy for a peso or two. 😛

      Btw, the overall results will be available by Monday.

  11. I texted twice and got no reply. I made sure my syntax was correct, but I didn’t get my ‘results’. And it is already Monday and no official results are out yet. Hindi naman ganito ang RunRio dati.

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