COKE ZERO Have it All with Toni Gonzaga

It was different. It was fun. It was relatively quick. But it was nevertheless time well spent with friends.

I was referring to the launch for the new Coke Zero Brand Ambassador – Toni Gonzaga. It was an entirely different launch, not a single item about running was talked about but if you will read on, you will see why they claim that you can “have it all” with Coke Zero. 🙂

Read on! 😉

Have It All with the New Face of COKE ZERO: Toni Gonzaga

One of today’s biggest stars is finally a member of the COKE ZERO family. Yes, she is not your ordinary celebrity. In fact, she’s a total package: a talented singer, a beloved actress and a multi-awarded TV host rolled into one. And did we say she’s oozing with beauty, wit and charm?

She’s the Philippines’ Ultimate Multimedia Star, the one and only, Toni Gonzaga. No question, she does have it all. That is the very reason why no other -person fits just perfectly to be the new face of COKE ZERO. With the same Great Taste and Zero Sugar we’ve loved and enjoyed for years, the world-renowned beverage brand is pumped up to open another exciting chapter with a new ambassador that sets the best example when it comes to living life to the fullest, embodying its refreshed battlecry to the core: Have It All.

“Toni Gonzaga is just the perfect brand ambassador for COKE ZERO. We’ve practically watched her blossom before our eyes and we all admire her for really chasing after her dreams and making it! She’s achieved remarkable things and at the same time, enjoys what she’s doing.. COKE ZERO is proud to have someone like her who does have it all, the same way the brand makes it possible for you to have all you want in a beverage – Great Taste and Zero Sugar,” says Nikki Lee, Brand Manager for Coke Zero.

To officially kick off the exciting surprises this new tandem-to-beat has lined up, COKE ZERO gathered friends from the media, top bloggers, fans and other special guests for a day to Have it All with Toni Gonzaga last May 23, 2012 at The Gallery in Greenbelt 5, Makati City. In this intimate affair, partakers were able to spend a day with the new COKE ZERO ambassador to discover just why COKE ZERO is the beverage for those who, like her, live life to the fullest.

Toni shares her excitement over the new endorsement: “I feel really blessed to be able to represent a brand like COKE ZERO because we stand for the same things: that you don’t have to compromise on the things that make you happy – that you can have it all, for as long as you put your heart into it. Fortunately, when it comes to beverage choices, COKE ZERO gives just that, a chance to have it all: great taste na, zero sugar pa! Ano pang hahanapin mo?” says Toni. Indeed, it’s simply the beverage brand for those uncompromising go-getters who want to have it all.

COKE ZERO and Toni Gonzaga is no doubt a winning combination. Not only does Toni have the looks, the guts and the talent; the multi-hyphenated star is also a testament to what the brand espouses: having it all. However way we look at it, this one seems like a match made in heaven. And we could only look forward to great surprises from this power duo the whole year through.

Who says you can’t have it all? Visit the COKE ZERO fan page ( – for more information on Toni Gonzaga and other exciting treats. You may also follow @CokeZeroPH on Twitter for more updates. COKE ZERO. Great Taste. Zero Sugar. Have It All.

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