The ALASKA Basketball Power Camp

Summer is almost over! As students and we parents get ready for school opening tomorrow (others are to start a few days or a full wee later), I can’t help but look back with awe on how there have been a lot of worthwhile summer programs that have been offered to help make kids more physically active and/or sports-minded.

One of those was the Alaska Basketball Power Camp. Together with the Alaska IronKids program, this is another activity that I am looking forward to have my 5-year old son Adam, sign-up for by next summer. 

According to PBA sports legend and former Alaska Aces player Jojo Lastimosa, in a time of virtual sports games and one-ups, nothing still beats a real, sweaty, game of ball.  He heads the Alaska Basketball Power Camp, which opened its courts this summer to hundreds of kids, who want to learn a trick or two in the sport.

 “With a real basketball game, they will experience how it is to work hard and sweat it out running from one side of the court to the other. They will also learn to communicate with other kids and become part of a team.”

So learn and acquire experience the participants of this camp did! What’s best, an Alaska Basketball Power Camper was chosen to join 9 others in Jr NBA- Alaska Philippine All- Star Basketball Team to represent the country in international tilts. Cool huh! Read the below official press release for the details. 😉

Alaska Power Camper joins 9 others in Jr NBA- Alaska Philippine All- Star Basketball Team to represent country in international tilts

Regille Kent Ilagan surprised everyone that he would make it to Jr NBA- Alaska Philippine All- Star Basketball Team at  his first try but Alaska Basketball Power Camp and 10 years of playing basketball seem to have done the trick. Regille joins Paul Harley Dagunan, Lui Jhullano Besa, Felixberto Jarboneta, Arnie Christian Padilla, Antonio Jeffrey Coronel, Camillus Altamirano, John Ronald Mayor, Patrick Ramirez, and Aljun Jay Melecio in the Jr NBA- Alaska Philippine All- Star Basketball Team. They will be representing the country in international competitions against other Jr NBA teams in China. He is also chosen to become the Alaska Youth Sports Ambassador and will serve as the spokesperson of the sports events of Alaska.

“The other teens in the Top 50 were taller than me and they seem to have more gumption. They all look so confident out there. I, on the other hand, was nervous as it was my first time,” says Regille, who had been playing ball since he was five years old but only had formal training twice including the Power Camp this year. He lists his willingness to learn and passion for the game as two of the qualities that got him into the Jr NBA- Alaska Philippine All- Star Basketball Team.

Regille was actually one of the 10 Alaska Basketball Power Campers who made it to the Jr NBA- Alaska Top 50. He trained with Alaska Aces assistant coach Jojo Lastimosa. The other Alaska Power Campers were Ryen Dizon, Andrei Friedrich Montserrat, Krystoffe Jimenez and Jaime Alfonso Senires and Maurice Rainer Caculitan of Manila; Jon Elmo Olaso of Olongapo; and Nino Dave Carmel A. Paon, Darrel Melina, and Khryss Zyril Alerta of Cebu. Nino Paon got as far as the Top 20.

Handpicked from Jr NBA and Alaska Power Camps from across country, the Top 50 trained for three days under the tutelage of Luc Longley, legendary number 13 in the Chicago Bulls line-up. The 20 best players were then announced at the Mall of Asia Music Hall last May 5. To determine who will be part of the All-Star team, Jr NBA grouped the Top 20 into two and organized a skirmish that day.

Sorsogon Councilor Aldin V. Ayo, who had been coaching for four years now, earned the Coach of the Year title while Aljun Jay Melecio grabbed the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. It was the 13-year-old’s second try as he only made it to the NCR Regional Finals last year.

Alaska Basketball Power Camp is a part of Alaska Milk Corporation’s own advocacy to shape, train, challenge and inspire kids to become champions in their chosen sports. Aside from it, Alaska also spearheads Alaska IronKids and Alaska Football Power Camp. For more information on the Alaska Football Power Camp or on Alaska’s other sports programs, please log on to;; or follow us on Twitter @alaskasportshub.


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