ASICS GT-2170: My Take

ASICS, one of the premium running shoe brands, has just recently unveiled the ASICS GT-2170 model. Coming from the GT-2000 series of shoes and a predecessor of the GT-2160 which was declared as the Best Running Shoe in the World for the year 2011, this model has to live-up to very high expectations.

my GT-2170 pair

Gladly, the GT-2170 did not disappoint. With much of the GT-2160 features retained, the GT-2170 also has noticeably improved features such as a larger Rearfoot Gel Cushioining System  which reduces shock during impact resulting to greater stability and the reduction in weight as the GT-2170 is said to be the lightest shoe model from the GT-2000 series (lighter than the GT-2160 by 8 grams).

the ASICS GT-2170’s GEL Cushioning System

Off-hand, here are the distinct features/technical specs  of the GT-2170 as I have learned from

  • IMPACT GUIDANCE SYSTEM – enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off improving the efficiency and comfort of your foot-strike and movement
  • REARFOOT AND FOREFOOT  GEL CUSHIONING SYSTEM –  reduces shock during impact and toe-off phases allowing movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.
  • GUIDANCE LINE – a vertical flex groove in the sole running from the heel to the toe encourages a more efficient running style
  • DISCRETE EYELETS – help disburse lace tension to improve the overall fit and reduce possible irritation.
  • DUOMAX – an ASICS proprietary system consisting of two or more different density midsole materials, designed to help correct the degree and velocity of pronation

the GT-2170 boasts of discrete eyelets

the GT-2170 men’s version

I luckily have a pair of this shoe and here are the reasons why I will definitely recommend this to others:

  • Comes in eye candy colors!  –  Both men and women will be happy to note that this shoe model comes in vibrant colors as compared to the boring color combinations of most running shoes. But the GT-2170’s colors doesn’t mean that this running shoe cannot be taken seriously.
  • Provides increased support and cushioning. I have Plantar Fasciitis and I can surely say that this shoe provided me with enough comfort and support that I don’t feel any pain on my plantar area while wearing and running with this shoe.
  • The increased size of the Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System provides for a softer landing.  This is ultimate good news for natural heel-strikers.
  • It is light. The usually comfortably light running shoes I have doesn’t provide as much cushioning and stability. With the GT-2170, both cushioning and stability is not sacrificed in exchange for less weight. The shoes actually can provide all three – cushioning, stability and comfort out of a lightweight shoe!

ASICS has again scored another great performance running shoe in the GT-2170. With this initially good experience with the shoe, I am looking forward to use it more as I increase my running mileage without the fear of a painful Plantar Fasciitis injury preventing me from doing so.

NOTE: The ASICS GT-2170 is locally available in various running and sports shops in the country and via online through Millet sports , visit them at or visit Asics direct at


4 Responses

  1. This shoe might be for me. A secured bedfoot and adequate support will help those with PF. Nice review, Vimz!;-)

  2. Is it true the toebox is narrower compared to the GT-2160, which I have,.. Checking new models kase to buy if GT-2170 or try a New Balance model. Thanks and great review!!

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