SOLE RACING is on October 7!

What will you get when you put together RUNRIO + RIOVANA + OCTOBER 7? What else but a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding one of a kind running event –> SOLE RACING!

Coach Rio have been cooking-up this idea since the first quarter of this year. I have originally thought that he already lost steam on this idea because I have never heard him talk about it again. But then, he began to post teasers of this event on his social media accounts the past number of days and I thought, “ah, he is up to something really, really good i bet”.

And then came the million-dollar, exciting message last night – “Kung ito ang makukuha mo sa finish line, matutuwa ka ba?”  (“If this is what you will get upon reaching the finish line, will you be happy?”) This messaged is paired with a snapshot of a supposedly-finisher’s item. I was floored!

You see folks, I was used to Coach Rio asking me my thoughts on his many running-related ideas. I am most of the time happy and excited with it. But this time, I was not only happy. I was not only excited. My jaw-dropped and my mind started racing. My mind started counting the days from now until October 7.

Ahhh, I still have time to train, to prepare. I can still make it to this 21km Sole Racing event. The only other question is – will I be invited or will I be lucky enough to grab one of the very limited number of slots via registration? Let us see!

Excited as much as I am are you? Save the date: October 7 for the Sole Racing event to be brought to us by RunRio and Riovana!


11 Responses

  1. so… medyo bitin… hahahaha! what? when? where? ???????? ano yun??!?!

    • This is supposed to be a teaser! the event: SOLE RACING; the date: October 7; the race category: 21km; the organizer: RunRio… that’s it for now. 🙂

  2. Oct 7? parang sabay ng adidas king of the road…

  3. hmm m ano po kaya yung item?? 🙂

  4. Timing on my birthday… hmmm…

  5. Pangbitin ung finisher’s item e. Sana kahit shadow meron, hehehe 🙂

  6. hmmmm.., advance birthday run!!!;))


  7. what is sole racing and located in?

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