The Unending, Never-Say-Die “Quest” for that Additional 36th MILO Manila 42k and 5k Slots

I have been reading about, hearing and personally receiving inquiries about the possibility of MILO and RunRio opening additional slots for the 5k and 42k race categories of the soon to be held, 36th MILO Marathon – Manila Elimination Race!

As a start, I would like to tell everyone: “Hey, you know this is a MILO race! You should not have dilly-dallied and instead registered early as if there is no more tomorrow!”. But then we all know that not everyone did register early… 😛 Lesson learned folks!

For the 5k race category, to have M & RR agree to provide additional slots is, may I say, a “race-organizational suicide”. Why? Because, this race category is the blockbuster category in all MILO races. For this Manila elimination race alone, there were a total of 25,000 5k slots that were already sold-out. To add more to that will possibly create a new problem — “were do we fit all these 5k runners, eh???”. So believe me guys, if you are pinning for a 5k MILO Manila slot, I suggest you just look forward for the MILO Manila Finals in December. Say bye, bye to the 5k Manila Elims for now. 😉

So what about the 42k race category slots? Who would have thought that this too will be sold-out way before the set end of registration period? But then again, this is indeed the MILO Marathon! Expect the unexpected! Expect a blockbuster registration turn-out!

Registration for the sold-out 21km race category have been re-opened with an additional number of slots. A little birdie told me that the 42km race category will have its additional slots sometime soon. I guess, sometime before the July 22 original schedule of end of registration for this Manila Leg.

Is my source, little birdie reliable enough? Hmmm… Let us find out soon! 😉

Meanwhile, props to those who were able to secure for themselves race slots. I will see you all on July 29 at the SM Mall of Asia for truly the LARGEST and MOST PRESTIGOUS foot race in the country: the 36th National MILO Marathon – MANILA Elimination Leg!



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  1. Thanks Ma’am Vimz for a little “insider”. I have friends kasi na hahabol pa sa 42K. I cant blame them for not registering early kasi they assessed themselves first through several trainings and LSDs if they can do a full marathon since its their first time to do it. Thanks Milo 😉

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