The Centrum Nutri-Coach – Finally A Filipino-Based Nutrition Tracker!

Yay! There finally is a FREE online resource that can help Filipinos track their nutrition, have their  food intake analyzed AND is compatible with the common Pinoy meals! I have actually been wishing for such a resource since my foray into health and fitness in 2005 and finally, here is a wish come true!

The CENTRUM NUTRI-COACH, as the presser says “is the first on-line nutrition tracker of its kind tailor-fit to the Filipino lifestyle and diet”.  It is actually a user-friendly, easy to use tool. One can start and complete one “session” in just under 30 minutes!

The facility is divided into three parts with the first being the “profiling” of theperson. Pertinent personal questions are asked in the purpose of being able to determine related information such as the person’s body mass index, daily kcalorie requirement and the health benefit one wishes to focus on. The questions are even presented in a not-so-intimidating manner. 😉

The second part if the food intake entry wherein the person’s daily food intake in inputted either via the choosing of standard diet plans or via the a customizable virtual plate with meals such as chicken adobo, taho, beef tapa are present in the Filipino-based meal options.

The third and last part is the final analysis which will tell if the daily food intake entered is sufficient to cover the needs of the particular health benefit the person chose to focus on. This printable analysis also bears the recommended Centrum Nutrition Plan bearing meal suggestions that can be found everywhere – may one be at home, at the office or elsewhere as it caters to the Filipino lifestyle.

I have tried it and found it really great! You see, for me to come up with such friendly nutrition plan, I need to seek the help of a nutritionist via a paid consultation as the available online resources isn’t really compatible to Filipinos.

Download and read on the presser below, access the Centrum Nutri-Coach now at and begin your exciting journey to a better you! I will!



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