NEWTON’s “60 Days of Better”

LOVE RUNNING WITH NEWTON. RUNNR and Toby’s Sports’ promo lets runners try out a pair of Newton Running to know if the shoes fit their running style

Retailer offers customers a chance to run better with Newtons 

Dedicated walkers and runners invest a lot just to have the right pair of shoes. More than just picking out the best-looking pair, this means finding a pair that’s right for their feet, their running style, and what type of running they will be doing. 

More often than not, it is a trial and error process for the really passionate type of runners. According to Toby Claudio, president of Toby’s Sports and founder of the specialty store RUNNR, “These individuals put meticulous attention to how comfortable a pair fits and how much it enhances their performance. That’s why it will be a benefit to them to try out a pair first so they will experience if a shoe can actually turn them into a better runner. 

For someone in the athletic retail business, it certainly helps to carry a brand like Newton, the leading Natural Running footwear brand. Newton is committed to delivering superior performance and promoting optimal running form, and is now willing to back it up by offering a generous return/exchange policy that covers 60 days from purchase. 

Newton’s “60 Days of Better” is literally a trial run offered to those who purchase a pair at Toby’s Sports or RUNNR from September 15 to October 31, 2012. Customers can try on Newton 2011 and 2012 shoe models for 60 days, and if they are still unsatisfied, they can bring them back for an exchange.

This offer shows Newton’s stand in meeting the needs of a demanding athletic clientele. The brand believes that runners must have a partnership with their shoes, which is rarely built in a day, and every step must be taken to make it last.

“This campaign is a huge come on for the market to try on a pair and experience the benefits of having Newton Running shoes,” said Claudio. “We are proud to carry a brand that enhances our own commitment to customer satisfaction.” 

Newton Running points out that unlike other running shoes in the market, all Newton pairs are built on a more level platform, mirroring the geometry of one’s foot. The brand also uses a patented Action/Reaction Technology™ that provides up to 60 percent more cushioning and 40 percent more energy return than leading brands. Simply put, it helps runners achieve a faster and more efficient midfoot/forefoot running form with less injury. 

Such product investments are meant only for those who put in just as much into the sport. Newton Running shoes are available exclusively at selected Toby’s Sports and RUNNR outlets.

For more information on Newton’s 60 Days of Better promo, connect with Newton Running Philippines on Facebook thru or inquire at 651-7777.


Newton Running Philippines offers our customers a limited 60 day satisfaction guaranteed return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your Newton shoes, simply drop by our stores within 60 days of purchase, and tell us why you would like to return your Newton Running shoes.


  1. The “60-DAYS-OF-BETTER EXCHANGE/RETURN” of Newton shoes is valid from September 15, 2012 to October 31, 2012, on purchases at RUNNR, and selected Toby’s Sports only.
  2. This policy is only valid on Newton 2011 & 2012 shoe models.
  3. Returned/exchanged shoe must be enclosed in the original shoe box, and must be presented along with the original receipt.
  4. The returned/exchanged pair of Newton Running Shoes must be in good condition and is subject to proper evaluation of the shoes.
  5. Reason for exchange/return due to aesthetic preferences shall not be honored as valid.
  6. In replacement to the returned/exchanged shoe, RUNNR/Toby’s Sports shall issue a return credit amounting to the same value of the shoe. No cash refunds.
  7. Returns/exchanges are subject to evaluation of Newton Philippines management. It will take 15 working days to process approval/disapproval of the requested return/exchange.
  8. Newton Running Philippines reserves the right to change this return/exchange policy without prior notice and to limit sales or returns in situations of overuse, misuse, abuse of this policy.

Please Note

When used as intended, Newton Running shoes have a life expectancy of 350-500 miles, or about three to six months. The Newton MV2 is a racing flat, and its life expectancy is 150-250 miles, or about three to six months.

 To Return/Exchange outside the Philippines

Returns and exchanges can only be completed in the country from which the product was purchased.


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