A Sneak Peek to the NIKE WE RUN 10k Finisher’s Tee

The NIKE We Run 10k KUALA LUMPUR Leg was just concluded last night (October 14) with reportedly over 12,000 participants. As NIKE usually have a universal/standard scheme in holding their WE RUN 10k race series worldwide, I tried to check what the KL Finisher’s Tee looks like. If I am not mistaken, this will be the same design as the series goes to MANILA on the 2nd of December.

So here take a look as it is posted at http://runwitme.blogspot.com. 🙂

At the back there’s a list of all the We Run legs, including WE RUN MNL! Kinda gives us an almost 100% confirmation that this will really be the same We Run Manila Finisher’s Tee Design!

On top of this Finisher’s Tee, the first 100 finishers of the We Run KL 10k race received an awesome looking Finisher’s Medal (medal photo source: http://2009tonton.blogspot.com). LET US JUST HOPE that Manila we have its own version too! (DISCLAIMER: There was NO ANNOUNCEMENT nor CONFIRMATION that a Finisher’s Medal will also be given away to first 100 finishers of the Nike We Run Manila 10k)

But Finisher’s Medal or not, a definite fun 10k race, two authentic NIKE shirts plus other goodies are surely bang for the buck inclusions to a P1,200 race entry fee. 

Registration is still on-going for the NIKE We Run Manila 10k race. See more race details HERE and race FAQs HERE.


4 Responses

  1. Hi,
    will all finisher will receive the finisher shirt?.. or only the medal will be excluded if your 101th+ place..?

    • As per the NIKE WE RUN MANILA 10K FAQs which I have also posted here in my blog, “All finishers will receive an exclusive finishers’ entitlement upon completion of the race.”

      Re the MEDAL, it was given during the Nike We Run KL 10k In Malaysia. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION OR ANNOUNCEMENT on whether MEDALS will be given to first 100 We Run Manila 10K race finishers. So for now, expectation is that there will only be a Finisher’s Tee, NO MEDALS.

  2. is the finisher shirt is also dri-fit shrit?

  3. Im goin to run here. Hopefully there’s a free racekit. 🙂

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