ULTRAlympics 2012 – 2nd Michelle Estuar’s FUNd Racing

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The 2nd Michelle Estuar’s FUNd Racing dubbed as ULTRAlympics 2012 will be held on Nov. 30, 2012 with 8K, 16K 3K Fun Run with the National Athletes, 400m dash for kids categories and the NEW TITAN Circuit Team Challenge. There will be Barefoot categories for 8K and 16K.  All categories will start and finish at the PhilSports Arena (ULTRA) Track and Field.


Online Registration: Oct. 8 – Nov. 16, 2012 visit http://michellefundracing.org

Race Kit Claiming Dates : Nov. 17,18, 23-25

Race Kit Claiming Sites :  A Runner’s Circle Manila, Skechers Trinoma, Skechers Filinvest Mall Alabang, R.O.X. BGC

Minimum Donation per Runner : 100 Pesos (all categories). Add P100 to your donation, and you get an exclusive ULTRA-Athlete event shirt to be claimed on Nov. 30, upon finishing.

Promo : Register as a group of 10 for the same category and get 1 FREE bib (except for the TITAN Circuit Team Challenge)



Ti·tan  (ttn)

n. 1. a person of exceptional importance and reputation, having phenomenal  strength,  size, or achievement

The TITAN CIRCUIT TEAM CHALLENGE is an original, ultra-modern test of physical fitness.  A pet project of Coach Michelle and Team Titans, this tests  the basic components or health-related skills of Physical Fitness, namely:

1.       Cardiovascular Endurance
2.       Muscular Endurance
3.       Strength
4.       Flexibility or Agility
5.       Body Composition

Objectives of the TCTC:

  • To be a TITAN, one must be SUPERIOR in the 5 Basic components of Physical Fitness.
  • To be SUPERIOR in all components means to be EXCELLENT in any activity or sport, including running.
  • The Team that performs the best in any given task will be declared the CHAMPION.

Brief description:            

A group or team, composed of ten (10) members, must pass thru as many stations as they can in a given time. There will be 8-10 stations. Each station will require teams to accomplish and properly execute a TASK. Each task will measure a certain skill/s and will be executed by the team based on either:

1. TIME & REPETITION – Given X time, do as many repetitions as possible.
2. TIME TRIAL – Each member has to perform and accomplish the task on his own, before allowing the next member to perform the same task.

Each team will be given points based on their performance. Points for each task will be added one the time has elapsed. The team with the highest total score will be declared as the CHAMPION.


  • Registration is primarily online (http://michellefundracing.org) .
  • Claiming of Kits (Bib) and payment of donation will be on the following dates: Nov. 17,18, 23-25 at the chosen claiming site from the online registration : A Runner’s Circle Manila, Skechers Trinoma, Skechers Filinvest Alabang, R.O.X. BGC
  • Race Guidelines (parking, baggage claiming, etc.) will be provided upon claiming of kits.
  • Watch out for announcements on onsite registration in certain running events.


For Registration Inquiries:

  • Globe – 0917 8041936
  • Sun – 0922 8940669

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  1. what time pwede e claim yung race kits?

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