NIKE We Run Manila 10k Race Kit Give-Away Promo

Yep, yep! Three lucky blog readers will get a chance to win a NIKE We Run Manila 10k race kit! Read below for the promo mechanics:

1. Share a link to a photo of yourself running.
2. Together with the link to your photo, post your answer (more than a one-liner but a max of 250-words) to the question: What inspires you to run? 
3. Post your answer plus the link to your photo as a comment to this blog post.
4. Posting of entries will be until Sunday, November 11 at 11:59PM.
5. The three (3) best photos and answers will be declared as the winners. Each winner will receive 1 Nike We Run Manila 10k race slot and 1 VIP Lounge Pass.
6. Announcement of winners will be via and @NikePH and will also be announced on this blog on Monday, November 12, 2012.
7. During the same week, a representative from Ogilvy Public Relations will get in touch with these winners to help facilitate the race registration and race kit claiming process.

Good luck!

Interested to view Nike We Run Manila 10k race details? Click on the following links:

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33 Responses

  1. What inspires me to run? – My proud parents and those people surrounds me inspires to run all the time. But what inspires me more are those first time runners and newly meet friends who were so proud of my achievements in every finish line I crossed which gives them enough courage to finish their own race. They admire my dedication for running including my discipline and preparation for each run events inspite of my workload and gym routines. Now they want me to be their personal running coach and I’m proud of their latest PRs from their recently concluded runs.


    Taken from recently concluded RUPM when I run my 2nd 42K Full Marathon beating my previous PR from 5:31 (Milo Elims) to 5:09.

  2. What inspired me to run at first is mainly its health benefits. I am a graveyard worker for more than 7 years now and I have a history of smoking half pack of cigarettes a day. I started running July last year. What was I thinking? I watched a shared video in Facebook, an old man trying to breathe in a respirator with heart problems and lung problems, just trying to get a life. I thought at that moment kung ako yun, pano yung bayarin sa ospital, who’s gonna provide for my family kung ako yun, sobrang hirap mapunta sa kalagayan na yun, ayokong maranasan yun at ayokong maghirap ang pamilya ko because I did not do a very simple thing, take care of myself, take care of my body. That single video and the thought of my family inspired me to change… I tried it at first. Ang hirap!. Sobrang hirap! So I researched, researched, and researched. Every day I learn something new. Then running became easier… The 600-meter loop that I hardly can run, I can run now 15-20 loops nonstop! I am proud to say I’m more than a year cigarette-free person and I felt great about it. Big achievement! My wife and my daughter are so very happy for that. I have earned new friends with each race that I joined and every runs in the park. Add to that my four 21K medals under my belt. Yeah! 🙂

  3. Running inspires me to get up and run and running makes my lazyness to go away when I started running all of my lazyness are gone coz running give me fulfillment in life that I should finish what I have started, running releases my stress and problems , there Is no other kind of activity that releases my problems and I find running one of the most enjoyable natural undertakings to do.It gives one the sense of freedom,the feeling of oneness with All of Life,and a sense of peace with everything.If one can recall the childhood memories of just running after friends chasing one another,chasing birds,butterflies,running in the rains as a child without caring a thing etc.
    Then as we grow there are the healthy aspects to consider about the body image since running is one of best cardiovascular activity one can undertake.Running gets the body to adjust to its most natural weight and apart from toning the body.
    Another thing that running does to me is it helps me connect to my Inner Spirit.As one focuses on the rythm of the run ,one is able to raise the feelings of the body to a very high level such that one might end up feeling like running forever.Ever heard of the natural high ?Its the secretion of the endorphins caused by that good feeling of running.
    As for me,I’II just say I LOVE RUNNING for the sake of it and the naturality of freedom to all who embrace it.

  4. My office mate inspires me to run .. In every week end they ask me always to join there fun runs. I always ask them after a week long work you still have energy to run every sundays? they answer me that they always enjoy running and they said “pang patangal stress try to join kasi” from that they i ask my self “kaya ko kaya ito” after a week they told me to join ru 1.. i tell them what is ru 1? its un familiar word. then they told me the meaning of it.. RUN UNITED 1 2012.. “Sabay sagot ako a okey ganun pala un sounds great pero next time nalang ako di ko kaya yan” and week after nagulat ako they give me ah brown envelope with number inside it.. and shirt i told them “kanino ito baka mawala sige remind nyu ako mamaya ha baka makalimutan ko mauwe ko pa sa bahay” without knowing that’s already my kit for my first ever run a 5 k run.. while most of them joining a 21 k run.. After running a k 5k run 27 mins. without pain in my legs .. they ask me what do feel 5 k? naks super yabang naman ako na sumagot “NAKAKA BITIN NAMAN ” But deep inside na inspired talaga ako sa kanila for finshing 21 k .. thats why after that day every time i wake up i jog 30 mins until that i run my first 21 k in green field city run may 27 as i remember i finish my firts 21 with a time of 2:18 and i felt so very tired and wasted after i cross the finish line all body pains . after that run i still train to join another all 21 k races until milo marathon comes .. i really want to join 42 k that time. because i realy inspired to some women runners that if they can do that why im not? now im preparin for my first trail 42 k this coming sunday.. hope that i will make it 🙂 thank you

  5. Nature inspires me to run. Being outside is soothing and invigorating to the soul. My favorite music inspires me to run as it stirs up my senses and uplifts my mood for the day. The incredible stories of ordinary people overcoming their fear of running long distances and succeeding in the end inspires me and creates that competitive spirit in me. The cause with which I run races inspire me to do better and bring my “A” game. And lastly, the love of my husband who supports me in every step of the way of my running journey. Sacrificing personal best just to be by my side egging me on to finish the race.

  6. Every finish line crossed is a different story. That is what inspires me to run. A finish line crossed is just the beginning of a new chapter in running for me and there is ALWAYS something to look forward to afterwards.

  7. Link to my photo:

    What inspires me to run?
    Every time I get out the door with my running shoes on, I couldn’t help but wonder why I wanted to run again and again.

    When I crossed the finish line of my first marathon at TBRDM, the feeling was unforgettable and overwhelming. I found a new confidence and strength that I never knew existed. I realized that through all my hard work, everything is within my reach.

    Running has opened my eyes to a positive world. It’s not just a physical exercise but my lifestyle. When I run, I find freedom. It feels like I can overcome all the barriers in my life. God gave me these two long legs to run the race set before me. I run not to compete but to move forward and see the beauty of life that lies ahead.

    -Goldy dela Cruz

  8. I started running again primarily for health reasons. I was diagnosed as hypertensive and was told to exercise. That was the initial inspiration that started my interest in running. I’ll admit that I was also initially inspired by the marketing hype offered by the various races in the form of loot bags, free energy drinks, finisher’s shirts and medals. But after a while, you’ll also get tired of it to the point that you no longer line up to collect these material symbol s of having finished a race.

    I was also encouraged by my friends to run. Our camaraderie allowed us to inspire each other. First, it was just short distances, and then we began training for ultramarathons. We inspired each other to run faster and farther. When we conquered the Bataan Death March 102, my inspiration to run was the run itself.

    In the end I run because I want to run and I enjoy running. Nothing else matters.

  9. I have never been athletic or sporty when I was younger…Now I want to become healthy, fit, live long to see my kiddos grown, change my lifestyle in general and am starting to enjoy runing and seeing the mental and physical changes in me! I love it..

  10. PHOTO

    WHAT INSPIRES ME RUNNING? Please read my story below…

    I was a victim of hit and run accident last 2009 (3 years ago), and was in critical moment that time due to serious damages in my organs, broken ribs, shoulder, pelvic and 3rd degree burns. I was bed ridden for 4 months and any single move I made is painful due to broken bones. 100% of no movement at all. As a result, I have to deal with this for 4 months….that means 4 months of boredom, and it kills me. This is very tragic and sad moment for me, seriously. But I don’t want to make self-pity and dwell on my situation.

    That is the time wherein I always watch TV and I saw “Oscar Pistorious” (first amputee runner), and I was really inspired with his story and life as a runner.

    Finally, after several months, I recovered. I can do anything I want. This is my SECOND LIFE. This is wherein RUNNING enters my life. I have been running for more than a year now and I really love it. I joined Rexona Run, Men’s Health, Unilab, Robinson (7th place), Immuvit Trail Run and Obstacle (4th place), Takbuto (3rd place), C5 Run (2nd place) and Forbes Earth Run (1st place)

    With all the trials and hardships I’ve been through, I cannot believe that I will go this far. From a hit and run victim to an avid fan of Fun Runs. And that is because of “Oscar Pistorius”.

  11. What inspires you to run?
    I’d run again because since I am in stop running had me with the heart rate with heart I said I will run again for my sake and to become healthy again because I am beautiful in our health please exercise running, therefore, I’m doing it now again running for my health, I love running

  12. What inspires you to run?

    the best thing that inspires me to run is my sped student because they need me to be strong physically and mentally in helping them in their everyday life routine and to give them a happy moment in life 🙂


    It’s the celebration of small things in life!

    I believe in celebrating the small things, for life is just too short not to! It is much easier to ignore this and let it pass without acknowledging it. But in doing so, we miss out on a lot of joys in our lives. These are opportunities to count our blessings and be grateful. It is also an important habit in living life to the fullest.

    Running is one of my small celebrations that has helped me become more mindful of the good things in life. In running, I seek to improve myself, try new things, and live well. I don’t do it for the medals or to be the best of the best. Every step I take or every stride I do, makes me a better, healthier, and happier person than I was yesterday. Running becomes a never-ending celebration of fun, energy, and excitement!

    At times, we have a tendency to lose perspective on things. We get so caught up in what we make an hour or year, or if we’re going to be able to afford that new car, or if we’re going to get that gadget we wanted for Christmas. We forget to celebrate the small things in life like going for a walk or run before the sun rises, or appreciating a sunset, or just singing along at the top of our lungs. For me, the smallest things are worthy of big celebrations!

    photo link:

  14. Running inspires me, to motivate, to feel relax after the race, and self discipline.

  15. I run for those who cannot. This phrase inspires me as a runner for we take for granted the opportunity to even take a few steps on our own while there are those who cannot even stand up. I run for all the handicapped persons who will give everything just to run. When I feel like giving up on a long race, I thank God for this chance to run and I say a short prayer to those who wish they’re in my place. This gives me the motivation not to give up.


    what Inspires me to run? 1st my family inspired me to run and i want my wife and my kids running together because i beleived in saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH”


    ang naging inspirasyon ko sa pagtakbo ,kapag nalalagpasan ko yung mga kabataan sa pagtakbo,dahil sa edad ko na 67 y/o,

  18. What and Who I believe should be the question on why I am running. First, my drive to be healthy and not to go back to my weight greatly inspires me to run, and of course my partner and running buddy who introduced running to me is who inspires me to run. I have tried so many sports back in college but I guess running is what I was able to sustain and love. I was overweight before and was really trying everything to be fit, and that is when I turned to running. I know that it is only through running that I can healthy and happy. Also runners from all age groups inspire me to run especially those who are over 50. Their commitments are undoubtedly admirable. Lastly, my partner/running buddy/boyfriend inspires me the most. I had fallen for him because he is a runner and he is a fast one. :)I admire his dedication to running and how he ensures that he is healthy and fit. He inspires me to increase the distances whenever we join a marathon. He made me believe that running is lifestyle; an addiction and a happy pill. He is mainly the reason why I run everyday 🙂

  19. URL:!/photo.php?fbid=116748205023673&set=a.116746765023817.12431.100000654835992&type=3&theater

    My inspiration comes from the triumphs of what life has to offer more with good health. Every run has its own story – its own course where everyone is invited to be its audience. Whichever path of running that we choose, we have chosed right because we give ourselves a chance to enjoy its advantages.
    A simple time dedicated for my running provides me a chance to bond, socialize and share moments to persons who matter in my life.
    The sport may be tiring, but it is one of the best way to inspire yourself and everyone else around you.

  20. I Keep My Passion Alive and being continually Inspires by a Goal with perspective of Living a Healthier Life Style and being Fit to Subjugate Challenges to the Sport I LOVE (Running).

  21. Venus and Jerick inspires me to run.

    This was their first 21k and they have ran only 2 5ks before this. At first they were hesitant in signing up for the Half Marathon but later on they told me that “Kaya namin yan kuya. Kung kaya ng iba, kaya din namin.” I care about my PR dati, but after hearing that from them, i told my self na hindi ko na kailangang imonitor ang PR ko especially if I will be running with them dahil kailangan ko silang i-guide. During the run, i realized na its not about how fast you go and finish a run, its about how you enjoyed it. I was able to remember the time nung nagsimula pa lang ako tumakbo, nag-eenjoy sa view, relax lang, and only hoping na matapos ko yung run in one piece. 🙂 That is what exactly happened. Nag-enjoy kami sa ruta, relaxed na relaxed lang, and eventually natapos din nila yung 21k without any injury after the race and no pain on the days after that.

  22. Running gives me the sense of freedom. I am able to go from one place to another without spending any money for gas nor fare, enjoying the sights and surroundings along the way. It also connects me to my inner being, clearing my mind from everyday stress. Makes me feel more energetic and able to reason, decide and think well.

    Running is one of the best form of cardiovascular activity as I could eat everything I like without having concern from gaining excess weight. Moreover, it helped me get out of my obesity which I had for nearly a decade way back due to inactive lifestyle.

    Running also brings back my youth as I have enjoyed playing “habulan”, “patintero”, “agawang-base” and such when I was a child. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment of running faster and
    farther than before as well as reaching the levels of some people who I look up to.

    The best thing I get from running is getting a dose of endorphins from my body that makes me feel a natural high, making me feel happy and think positively throughout the day.

  23. Running is not my life but I want it to be my lifestyle. I want to be consistent with it. I decided to run twice or three times a week because it makes me happy and strong. I want to improve my endurance and speed. It inspires me to be healthy for my mom so I can take care of her more as she grows old and slow in moving. I have learned that active people live four years longer than inactive people because they develop heart disease and other diseases. My friends told me that regular exercise can lead to improved health, an increase in energy, and a decrease on being sick. My line leader noticed that when I started running I work faster and more efficiently. I’m also excited to go to work because me and my co-officemates have a scheduled exercise and short runs after work so it lessens my absences and of being tardy (hehe). I want to share my goals with them. Because when we share it with people, we get support and encouragement and we accomplish them more. Some of my friends just want to lose weight, others want sexy and flat belly and be strong and healthy. In addition to that, others just want to release some stress from work, family, life and love life (hehe). We may have different goals in running but one thing is for sure, we all want them to accomplish. We all want to be happy, to stay healthy, to enjoy life as we grow older. These are the things that inspires me to run more.

  24. God and my family inspires me to run, and also my friends to stay good health, motivate and self discipline.

  25. I always loved running…it was something I could do by myself, and under own strength. I could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your stamina.” For me running is a way to learn about changelleges, accomplishments, struggles and a way to meet new friends and places.
    When I running, it doesn’t matter whether I come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. Sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, ‘I have finished this.” ” I don’t have to go fast, I just have to go” I have lot of reasons why I love running Reward myself (Get my finisher medal, To meet fellow marathoners (Talk to other runners), Boost my self-confidence, Boost stamina, Explore new city, Run with my personal record, Let go of negative emotions, Stress relief, To help the beneficiary of the event, To achieve my goal to win in marathon as 1st place.

  26. What inspires me to run?

    It’s all about looking good and feeling good from inside and out.

  27. This is my very first running event I’ve joined way back May 2010. Looking on this photograph inspires me to keep on running and continue to fulfill my dream of running around the nation and some parts of the world. Hopefully: “I RUN THE WORLD.”

  28. The reason what inspired me in running when I became the “MOTIVATIONAL FACTOR” to my love ones. I convinced my family and friends to start step up to their comfort zone, lace up their shoes and take their first stride on the road. The feeling of being overwhelm when I’m seeing them giving their effort to push through their limits whenever joining runs.

    They give back the effort to me when I joined 3 consecutive years of joining full marathon, It was really a worth moments of waiting, seeing them cheering for my name whenever I’m crossing the finish line is a truly inspiration to my heart. The pains & exhaustion are replaced by big smiles. It really a mutual relationship with them, building happier and closer moments together in running. They are my #1 inspiration in running!

  29. My family is the one who inspires me to run and give me strength to keep me going. I do this not only for myself but also for them. I want encourage other people to run or initiate running in their own family like what I did.

  30. I’m inspired in running because I want to grow old! I’m thinking that “our life is not ensured”, it is in our own hands to have a better and healthy life. And I’m using the sports “running” as my tool to achieve this goal of mine and to fulfill my life to the fullest. Being healthy is not only in physical and mental aspect, but also additional discipline in lifestyle is a key to sustain it! This is a picture taken from we run manila 2011 last year. Running for me is not only a way of healthier lifestyle, it is also is a way for a family bonding!

  31. I have been a video game addict since my childhood and was thin and looks unhealthy. Been idle for decades and never exercised since my favorite sports is chess. I worked as a graphic designer and i’m in front of a computer for most part of my life. Now, what inspired me to run? My family has a hypertension heritage both my father and mother. Years gone by and relatives passed away with stroke as a main diagnosis. The saddest of them all is when my mother died from pneumonia caused by her 3rd stroke attack. Her first stroke even caused her to have an amnesia for 6 months which I thought only happens in the movies. Now, my father was already attacked thrice by minor stroke. Thanks to his maintenance meds and healthy vegetable and fish diet, major stroke never occurred to him. He never exercised by the way. This made me realized that I need to go out there and work for that healthy heart and lungs. I already finished my first marathon at TBR, a lot of 21k’s, and countless 10k, 5k and training runs. With passion for running and making it a lifestyle, it got me to also inspire my family, friends and co-workers to also run and join fun runs and races. This made me a better person and living now an active and a happy life 🙂

  32. My favorite sports heroes inspire me to run. I won’t forget that day when Philippines’ very own Lydia de Vega won the 100m dash in 1991 Southeast Asian Games. I was there at the jampacked Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, watching in awe as Diay crosses the finish line first, and dreaming that someday I might be able to experience the glory of being cheered on by my countrymen.

    I love running ever since I was little, but that dream will remain a dream. Realistically, I don’t run as fast as Lydia so I just studied and had a job. But whenever I finishes a fun run, I am feeling the same way as my idol did. Seeing all those people cheering at the finish line and all those cameras flashing everywhere makes me feel proud and victorious.

    Perseverance made Roger Federer a 17-time grand slam singles champion in tennis. Persistence helps Kobe Bryant earn five NBA championship rings. Discipline catapulted Manny Pacquiao to eight boxing titles. The sport of running teaches me all these traits. i will run as long as my body permits. I will run as long as there are roads to run to. And I will run as long as there are new sports heroes that will inspire me to push myself to the the limits and dream big.

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