Corregidor Intl Half-Marathon (CIHM) Race Results and 2013 Schedule

3rd CIHM digital poster

Hello runners! I bet those who went to Corregidor the past weekend had a blast participating in the Corregidor International Half-Marathon race or even the 10km side event. As for me, I had a blast watching almost everyone cross the finish line with the happy and wacky antics of hosts Maey and Betong.

Meanwhile, here now are the official race results of this challenging race. Download and check out your race performance below:

Download 10k Female race results
Download 10k Male race results
Download 10k Over-all race results
Download 21k Female race results
Download 21k Male race results
Download 21k Over-all race results

Lastly, mark your calendars as the organizers have officially made it known that next year’s edition of the Corregidor International Half-Marathon will be on December 8, 2013.



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  1. we really had 🙂 thanks for posting the results

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