A Message to Marathon Philippines

Hello Marathon.ph owner/administrator,

I do not personally know you and was really surprised to see my blog posts (and of my blogger-friends’ posts) republished in your site.

Do know that although you indicate our blogs as sources, republishing the blog posts without due authorization from the writer/owner still is plagiarism, if not utmost disrespect to the owner. Worst of all, you are earning from these reposts!!!

Please do take out all of my posts that you have republished in this site because I DO NOT AGREE and I DO NOT WANT you doing that.

I hope this proper request be heeded otherwise, I will have to find other means for my request to become an order.




16 Responses

  1. Ang damot mo naman, porke nagkakaroon ka na ng konting pangalan sa running community.

    • It is not pagdadamot. It is putting everything in its proper place. Hindi madali ang mag-maintain ng blog. Ang may kumuha nito ng walang paalam at idagdag pa na pagkakitaan nila ito ay mali at wala sa kagandahang asal. Kung sana man lang may pagpapaalam na ginawa ang may akda ng Marathon Philippines subalit wala.

      Pero opinyon mo yan, hindi mo naman ako kilala kaya iintindihin kita. Salamat.

  2. Ay nako Rotech, gamitin ko kaya yung saskyan mo, yung damit mo, yung lahat ng gamit mo sa bahay na hindi ko lang hihingi ng permiso. We all work hard for the things we have in our lives, whether it be our earnings, our possessions, our race times, or in the case of kulitrunner, this blog. “Madamot” ba kung kinunin yung tinrabaho ni kulitrunner without even so much as a “May I”? Maging “madamot” ka kung pasukin ko yung bahay mo at kainin yung pagkain mo sa ref?

    Anyways, kulitrunner, I saw kikayrunner tweet complaining about this very thing. I did a whois search on dot.ph for marathon.ph and came up with some info here: https://twitter.com/ManilaRaf/status/293688251976388608/photo/1

  3. Nakita ko yung nakapost sa Marathon.ph, nilagay naman dun kung kanina nanggaling yung article. Iba kay Barefootdaves, at may iba pa. Nialagay dun kung kanino at sino yung blog na pinanggalingan. Nakakatulong sa promotion ng blogs niyo yun. Parang overreaction naman sa yo Kulit yung ginawa mo. Konting lawak lang ng pag-iisip. You are in the web, lahat halos pwedeng makopya, walang “copyright” law dito o plagiarism. Huwag mong sabihin na it didn’t come a chance in your life na nag-copy-paste ka ng article sa internet? For you to say that the administrator of marathon.ph is disrespectful of you is a mere “hypocrisy” of you.

    Take the situation proactively than reacting like a sore loser. When somebody takes notice of your work, you are already recognized as important. And when you already post your intellectual properties via the internet, consider it for “FREE” to anybody. Wake up little Susie!

    • I do not copy-paste from a site and make money out of it. Are you the owner of marathon.ph? If not, then really, it is futile reasoning with you because you cannot do anything about it. Besides, I am unsure if you are a real person anyway as you are unable to show who you really are, hiding from an alias. Thanks for your opinion anyway, you are after all, entitled to it.

      Btw, my blog has been in existence since 2008 long before marathon.ph started reposting blogger’s posts via rss feeds.

  4. Dear Rotech,

    Why are you so hell bent on defending marathon.ph? Do you have a personal interest in that site? I can’t help but scratch my head when I read your comment/reaction to this issue, you sounded like Tito Sotto. Arrogant yet lacking in substance and common sense.

    Would you allow someone to steal/borrow your work and make money out it? The way I see it, you’re the one who’s the hypocrite here. Did you ever think of putting yourself in the shoes of kulitrunner? Would you allow someone to take advantage of you/your work?

    And lastly, trying to be “cute” with your comment/s wouldn’t help your cause, it only shows that you don’t have much up there.


    Copying the whole content of your blog alone is not a FAIR use and is subject for copyright infringement even if Marathon.ph placed a linkback or reference to your work. Marathon.ph could have asked our permission first. But giving them permission doesn’t also mean they have all the right to copy and paste everything to their site. Quoting parts of the original material and linking back or reference are FAIR practices.

  6. Oh well, I guess some people haven’t achieved anything meaningful in this life to be proud of or have known the feeling of working hard for something to be proud enough to fight for it. Others just take take take and excuse others doing similar behaviour. If this is the way to have people take notice of my work, I hope people don’t take notice of my car, my house and my personal property. =p

  7. Dear Raf and Jett,

    I just would like to say “thank you so much” for trying to be voices of reason and for sharing with me the belief that copying somebody else’s work, be it on the internet or not, should still be well within the bounds of good manners and respect to others.

    I do not know both of you personally, even this person who goes by the alias, Rotech and the owners of marathon.ph. Social media and the world-wide web have indeed made it possible for strangers to connect with each other – sometimes in the best of circumstances but at times in unfortunate scenarios such as this.

    Everyone indeed have their own opinion on this matter, very much like when the subject is about politics and/or religion. I acknowledge the fact that each one is entitled to it. But with the acknowledgement is the knowledge that entitlement does not mean that every opinion is right.

    My blog was put up initially to share my experiences, to be a channel to express my thoughts. In time it has developed to be another information resource in the internet. Materials I post here were obtained via proper means and in no way have I copied posts or excerpts from another site without the knowledge of the owner. I write them to inform them.

    There is indeed a growing debate about copyright infringement, plagiarism. There are some who thinks that everything published on the internet comes for free, that they are entitled to each of it. And that is a sad fact. If I get sued for what I write, will those who availed of these entitlements join me as respondents too? They after all say that what I post here in my blog is also rigthfully theirs, it being “FREE” for all.

    I posted the message for marathon.ph to be able to read and understand that for my part, I do not agree to what he/they are doing. If they can do as I request then we have nothing else to talk about.

    Being able to express your thoughts through writing have been an amazing skill, a gift as most of those who know me say, that I have excitedly discovered. I wish everyone can have the same gift too as it gives a different kind of fulfillment.

    Lastly, let me again thank you for sharing my opinion. And to rotech, hats off to you for standing by your own. If you have not called me names, I could have nearly given you respect judging from the intensity on how you fight for your opinion. But no dice, I am after all never a “little susie” no matter how I want me to be.

    As I put an end to this very loooonnnnnnngggggg statement, do understand that I will not tolerate discussions which in my impression will trigger an emotional exchange or argument. As everyone shared what it is that they want to share, succeeding comments are now strictly being moderated.

    Thank you and have a nice day all!

    • Thank you, too, Ms. Kulit on the Run. Everything was mere exchanges of ideas. I will still follow your blogs, it keeps me updated, as well as with other bloggers/websites of my choice, barefootdaves, jazzrunner, pinoyfitness, takbo.ph. My apologies, too. I think you’re such a wonderful and smart lady, with so much passion for running. Just be thankful sometimes that people recognize your intellect. Choose to be smart…and I believe you really are.

  8. All’s well that ends well…nice last words coming from rotech, i’m sure all of us will benefit from “choosing to be smart”. And by doing so, wo don’t have go to the extent of calling people “madamot” or waking up poor little susie who’s sleeping quietly. Enough with the “hypocrisy”! Peace guys! 😉

  9. i haven’t discussed to a lawyer who specializes on anti-piracy and intellectual property protection services. i didn’t go to law school so what i am to discuss here is my personal opinion and possibly be irrelevant and can be dismissed

    in this blogosphere we live in, it is okay (imho) to ‘share’ information that’s not originally ours as long as we give the owner/author credit. by doing so we recognize the source as valid and accurate information. it also helps spread the information thru social media channels

    it is common courtesy to, as i understand it, mention the source of the ‘borrowed’ content. so a proper link back should be in order. however even by doing so, it will have its consequences/penalties if not properly implemented

    running.ph is a blog/site aggregator as well similar to marathon.ph however what they’ve done differently is that they only took a portion/truncated the article. if the rest of the article needed to be viewed, a link directs it back to the source which opens a browser window back to the original site

    someone who is re-posting my content is somewhat flattering. the thing is taking materials from another blog or website without explicit permission can be considered theft. if i’d like to ‘borrow’ an article verbatim i’d send them an email/ping and ask if i can use it. if i don’t get a response that i would assume that the owner doesn’t want me off his/her back

    i’ve committed a mistake or two when i was starting. despite the fact that i had mentors showing me the ropes. had to learn the ‘rules of engagement’ the hard way. for now, i am using this approach – ask the content owner first for permission, always give credit and link back, help a fellow blogger gain more exposure/traffic, my reader will click back to the original article to read the rest

    as of the moment, i am consulting a friend who has more relevant information/experience about this case. hope to get feedback in the next 2 weeks so proper resolution can be done. in the end, what we all wanted is to share our own set of experiences and hopefully inspire others become better individuals and ultimately uplift the running community 🙂

    • I guess it all boils down to one thing, COURTESY! If only the people concerned was courteous enough to inform the blog owners of their intentions, you guys wouldn’t have any problem/issue right now. Instead of implying that the bloggers owe marathon.ph some form of gratitude for the increase in blog viewership, a simple SORRY would’ve sufficed.

  10. With all due respect, we would like to apologize to all the bloggers who got offended when their articles were republished on our site. Marathon Philippines is a news aggregator site that aims to promote running events and the running community as a whole.

    Marathon Philippines does not manually copy the contents of your sites. The posting of articles is being done ‘automatically’ using RSS feeds with the source of article automatically added in the beginning and a link to the actual post at the end of the republished content.

    When we configured your RSS feeds into Marathon Philippines’ system, we did not know that some of you are publishing their entire article in their RSS feeds. This resulted to some of the articles being republished in ‘full’ rather than being truncated into 3 to 4 paragraphs only. The site was designed to be a ‘stand alone’ and is not being monitored on a daily basis.

    We are currently restructuring the site so that it will automatically truncate the articles from now on. Those who do not want their articles to be promoted (i.e. republished) such as kulitrunner, manilaraf and barefootdaves shall have their republished articles removed from the database. We shall also ask for permission first before publishing a blogger’s content from now on.

    At the same time, We would also like to clarify that being a news aggregator site is not illegal at all. If it is, then all the major aggregator sites such as Yahoo and Google would have been taken down by now.

    Finally, we were quite surprised to learn that some of you does not want their posts to be promoted. Other bloggers (not from running community) would even pay to have their articles automatically promoted on RSS aggregator sites. Anyone who does basic SEO knows that the more backlinks you have, the higher your ranking in search engines will be. And the more backlinks and the higher your SE ranking, the more traffic (i.e. visitors) you will get. And so on.

    In Marathon Philippines, we do not ask for a fee in exchange of your posts getting republished. We have instead placed some advertisements so we can monetize the traffic and thereby earn a small amount so we can pay for the domain registration and hosting free. While we do had some advertisements on the site, the earnings we got from it so far are not even enough to pay for the hosting and domain name.

    Once again, our ultimate intention is not to earn from it but rather to promote the running community and its major players, which are you guys. But after having seen all your comments here, we are now on the process of deleting your articles from the database. In case you would still want your articles to be promoted / republished, please let us know.

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.

    Marathon Philippines

  11. hope this makes everyone a better blogger.

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