The Much-Awaited RunRio Awards Night

Woke-up in a kinda good mood today meaning to finally accomplish this one task that I have been putting-off all along- housekeeping of my running, mtbiking and blog-related files. As I was going about it, I chanced upon this folder with the photos and a link to last year’s RunRio Trilogy Awards Night:

This event, as we all know by now, was the culmination of the successful holding of the RunRio Trilogy of races for 2011 and was held on February 2012 at the Decagon, Silver City in Pasig. It was a fun, fun FREE treat from RunRio.

For 2012, a lot of RunRio Trilogy + RUPM finishers have been waiting for the official announcement for their own treat! Don’t fret now as I, in the risk of “jumping the gun” on the official announcement from RunRio, will be providing you teasers based on the information I have been given. As I still have to respect the official release of information, pardon me that I cannot directly point to actual information. 😉 Read on!

WHAT: RunRio Awards Night
WHEN: Saturday, 2 to 8pm (after the Holy Holidays and yes, exactly a week after my birthday!)
WHERE: somewhere you are all familiar with, passed by it several times as you run a RunRio race route, starts with an “S” 😉

I have also heard about some exciting changes to the event, aside from the venue, but will defer to share it as I was not able to confirm on whether it was truly finalized. What I do know is that this is surely one fun event for everyone which even the RunRio peeps are truly looking forward to attending.

Meanwhile, if you have completed the RunRio Trilogy – Run United Legs 1 (21km), 2 (21km) to 3 (32km) and the RUPM (42km), then time to look forward to that exciting Saturday afternoon as you get to be recognized for your outstanding accomplishment.



2 Responses

  1. Hi! Do we not get included in the runrio trilogy awards if we only joined the longest distances for RU 1,2 & 3 but only 21km in the RUPM event?

    • Hello! As per RunRio, those who were able to finish RU 1, 2, 3 and RUPM with the distances 21km, 21km, 32km and 42km, respectively are included in the awards night. 🙂

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