Rip the Road Leg 3 – RELENTLESS

First you UNLEASHED a storm. Then you launched a VENDETTA. On April 14, be RELENTLESS!


Leg 3 of this awesome 10k Race series, RIP THE ROAD – RELENTLESS will be on Sunday, April 14 at the Makati CBD!

The following will be what’s in store for every participant :

  • New concept – 10k race series with 5 qualifying legs and a championship
  • Unique race route – start/finish is at the Glorietta 3 Park; we haven’t had a race with a route in the heart of Makati Central Business District ever since the to give Globe Run for Home of 2010.
  • Fixed race route – It has the same route every race to eliminate the biggest variable—the route.
  • Limited field – 1,000 slots only in first race to give runners more room to vroom!
  • Big prizes in each leg and championship
  • Age-group competition

Interested already? Here are the important race details:

Leg 3, April 14, 2013
Makati Central Business District

Go to for more details


P650 per race

Plus a one-time purchase of a reusable timing tag for P150:
Timing tag can be used for all other races during the season
Replacement timing tags will cost P250

1. Become a Ripper:

a. Log on to Rip the Road website
c. Input the required data
d. Accept the terms & conditions and SUBMIT
e. You will be issued a Ripper’s ID Number and Ripper’s ID card

– Your Ripper ID contains your personal information (no need to input data everytime you join a race)
– You will use your Ripper’s ID card each time you register for a race
– You will need your Ripper’s ID number to access your account, check race results, photos, change your profile

2. Register for the Race:

a. Go to a Registration Center

– Planet Sports Flagship Store, BGC
– Planet Sports Trinoma
– Planet Sports Alabang Town Center

b. Present your Ripper’s ID Card
c. Sign the waiver
d. Pay the registration fee
e. Get your race kit

-Registration Period: March 23 to April 7 or until all slots get filled up.


Rip the Road is an annual series of five competitive 10K races with a championship race at the end of each season.

In each leg, the top 3 over-all male and female winners will be awarded, as well as the champion and runner-up in five age groups:

  • 30 years old & below
  • 31-35 years old & below
  • 36-40 years old
  • 41-45 years old
  • 46 years old & above

– Only the top 1,000 runners will qualify for the championship race (free entry)
– Runners must finish at least 2 legs to qualify for the championship race. Qualifying time is the average of a runner’s 2 fastest finish times.
– Winners and the top 250 finishers of the championship race will be invited to the Night of Champions awards dinner (free entry)


  • Rip the Road 1: Unleashed November 25, 2012
  • Rip the Road 2: Vendetta February 17, 2013
  • Rip the Road 3: Relentless, April 14, 2013
  • Rip the Road 4: May 12, 2013
  • Rip the Road 5: June 9, 2013
  • Rip the Road Championship July 7, 2013


  • Pre-Championship Race Packet Pick-up & Pasta Party: May 10, 2013 (venue to be announced)
  • Night of Champions Awards Dinner: May 24, 2013 (venue to be announced)

Glorietta 3 Park, Ayala Center, Makati

Makati Central Business District (see map)
The same race route will be used for each race


  • Assembly Time: 5:00 AM
  • Starting Time: 5:45 AM
  • Cut-Off Time: 
    • Runners must reach Ayala Avenue from Buendia Avenue by 7:15 AM
    • Runners who fail to meeet the cut-off time will not be allowed to continue the race (DNF)
    • Sweeper vehicles will transport DNF runners to the activity area
    • Hydration wil be available at the cut-off area


  • All Race Finishers: Limited special-edition finisher’s technical shirt
  • Leg Winners: Over-all males and females
    • 1st place – Trophy, P5,000 cash & other perks
    • 2nd place – Trophy, P3,000 cash & other perks
    • 3rd place – Trophy, P2,000 cash & other perks
  • Age-group males and females
    • Champion – Trophy, P1,000 cash & other perks
    • Runner-up – Trophy, P500 & other perks
  • Special prizes will be given to runners who finish 3 or more races
  • Championship: Over-all males and females
    • 1st place- Trophy, P50,000 cash & other perks
    • 2nd place – Trophy, P30,000 cash & other perks
    • 3rd place – Trophy, P20,000 cash & other perks
  • Age group males and females
    • 1st place Trophy, P3,000 cash & other perks
    • 2nd place Trophy, P2,000 cash & other perks
    • 3rd place Trophy, P1,000 cash & other perks
  • Top male and female Filipinos will be sent compete in an international 10k race (race to be announced)



2 Responses

  1. just for clarification…. after the april 14 run, the next one will be the championship run? i thought there will be 5 qualifying runs, so far 2 runs where held last nov & feb w/ the 3rd one this april 14? no more qualifying run after april 14? thanks

    • Hi Raymund! There will still be 5 qualifying races. We just did not publish it yet because we are waiting for the organizer’s advise re the new schedule. We have updated the post now as they released the schedule already. May 12 for Leg 4, June 9 for Leg 5 nd July 7 for the Championship.

      Thanks for asking! 🙂

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