ID on ME: a Gear for Peace of Mind

Last year at a triathlon race in the Southern part of the country, a participant had a medical emergency and unfortunately did not make it. He did not have any form of identification with him except for his race number that is why the emergency team had to wait for the organizers to be able to retrieve his personal information from the race database using this available piece of information.

A number of times at the mall, or in places where there is a huge crowd, there are cases where children get separated from their parents. At times, before parent and kid becomes reunited, undue stress for both will be a painful eventuality. I would not like to imagine the very unfortunate scenario that a kid gets lost and is never found. 😦

In both cases, it could have been a lot easier if the triathlete (God bless his soul) and the kid/s were both with some form of identification with them. Those who were near them can immediately help them and at the same time notify their family. 

Thankfully, a number of products are already available to serve this purpose – a handy source of “in case of emergency” (ICE) information that can be worn. I have been, since 2009, a happy owner of an ID gear – one with a velcro-bracelet and a metal plate where the ICE information is electronically-engraved. It has been a staple for me especially during mtbike rides where one can always find me joining rides into off-road trails. I have been content with it until I was introduced to and given a sample of this other brand/product for review, the ID ON ME Medical ID bracelet:



In a nutshell, the ID on Me bracelet is a wearable gear that carries a person’s vital personal information. While it is perfect for use by those who have medical conditions, it is also best for use by children, senior citizens, travellers and sports/outdoor enthusiasts. Oh and wait, it is ok for use by our pets too like dogs and cats!

It is a handy gear that equates to peace of mind, knowing that in case an untoward incident happens to the wearer, vital ICE information is available for those who are available to help.

Features of the product which are worth noting are:


  • the bracelet is made of an elastic, adjustable band that is comfortable to wear.
  • the band being adjustable, can fit most wrist-sizes.
  • the band is also removable, making it possible to
    • change it with a new band in the same or different color (extra bands available for purchase separately)
    • attach the compartment to the wearer’s shoe by sliding either side to the shoe’s lace.


  • provides security of personal ICE information as these are not exposed and needs to be put inside the water resistant compartment


  • the compartment is made of a light, plastic water resistant material once you get the hang of wearing it, you won’t even notice that you actually have it
  • the underside of the compartment shows the message “Emergency Info Inside” that is meant to alert those who can help the wearer in case of emergency.


  • easy to use, no engraving required and makes use of water and tear-proof Tyvek inserts where ICE info are to be written


  • 4 Tyvek inserts are available in each package, making it possible to change/update information once needed
  • both the band and compartment’s lid comes in different colors; the lid even have 2 available designs: the ID on Me logo and the Medical sign/logo.
  • wearable even in casual or office attire
  • affordable


What I like most about ID on Me is the fact that it secures the wearer’s personal ICE information, unlike the other brands’ where one’s personal information is exposed via the metal plate on top of the bracelet.

Aside from the bracelet which can also be attached to the shoe, ID on Me tags are also available which can be worn as a necklace pendant (necklace can be purchased separately but can also use one’s own) or used as a key chain, a zipper pull, on a backpack.

The ID on Me products are comfortable, easy and simple to use gears that will keep the wearer and his/her loved-ones at ease. It is basically peace of mind which is always on hand.


The ID on Me bracelet retails for P599 (in Personal or Medical designs) and comes with a black wristband. ID on Me Tags on the other hand are priced at P450. Accessories like extra bands can be purchased for P95 each while Tyvek insert refills are P95 for 4 sheets. Silicone necklaces for the ID on Me tags can also be purchased at P150.

ID on Me products are for purchase online via where delivery is free for purchases worth P1000 or more. It can also be purchased in-store at JC Bikes/Sports Avenue on JP Rizal Extension, Makati City. 

To read more about ID on Me, check out the ID on Me Philippines website or follow them via Twitter via @IDonMePh.

Thank you to ID on Me Philippines’ Mr. Doms Pantaleon for my complimentary review sample of ID on Me bracelet.


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