2013 Run United 2 Race Voucher Give-Away WINNERS

Thank you very much to everyone who posted their comments as entries to my 2013 RU2 Race Voucher Give-Away contest! I regret though that I had to disqualify some posts because of the following reasons (1) has an answer not relevant to the contest question or (2) it doesn’t have the requested FULL NAME of the participant or (3) it did not make it to the April 19, 9PM cut-off time. Next time, I urge you to follow the mechanics as it is unfair for those who do if I let you in. 🙂

It was really heart-warming to see 247 comments in a blog post – just shows how many runners would like to have a shot in joining the RU races. I enjoyed reading each entry and wish everyone that they may be able to reach their RU2 goals! And maybe, just maybe, next time I can give more than 7 race vouchers to make more runners happy!

So here now are the automatic winners by virtue of the number sequence that their entries were posted:

1st  – Dennis Quepe
10th – Rosalie Ronquillo
21st  – Jimmy Yco
32nd – Ben Agdamag
last – Marben Lim

And the two from my lucky, random pick:


129 – Christian Aguilar
208 – Carmencita David

Congratulations! Please expect to receive an email from me with the details on how you can claim your race voucher. 


*Would you like to see 2013 RU2 details? Click HERE.
*Thanks to RunRio, Inc. for the RU2 vouchers.

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