The Enervon Activ Hydration Belt Promo: April 26 to May 26

A hydration belt. It’s one thing that you need but probably haven’t gotten yet maybe because of budget constraints (the cheapest one you’ll be able to get, I heard, was around Php1,000 pesos) or maybe because you decided that it is not really a priority item to purchase. But then when you run, you realize it will have been great if you have one! You know what I mean! 😛

So now, here is a good chance for you to own a hydration belt via the Enervon Activ Hydration Belt Promo:

Enervon Activ Hydration Belt Promo poster

If you have already registered for the 2013 Run United 2 race or have plans of registering, then an Enervon Activ Hydration Belt might be yours for the taking!

photo 2

Wanna know how? Here are the mechanics:

1. This promo is exclusively for registered 2013 Run United 2 participants.
2. Purchase 10 pieces ENERVON ACTIV at any of the authorized registration centers of RU2 (worth 120php) and get the limited edition Active Health Hydration Belt for only 200php (includes 2 bottles X 180mL).
3. Race bib number must be presented when availing the promo.
4. Promo can be availed once per bib number only.
5. Promo Duration: April 26 – May 26 or until supplies last.

Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 0831 s. 2013

Easy peasy right?

But then again, with the generosity of the people from Unilab Active Health/Enervon Activ, I will make it a little bit easier for TWO (yes, just 2!) lucky readers of this blog to own one! Read more to know how!


TWO lucky Kulit on the Run blog readers will each receive one (1) Enervon Activ Hydration Belt by following the below mechanics:

1. Each hopeful reader should have participated in at least (1) Run United race from 2012 to 2013. To prove this, please post as a comment the following:

  • a link to a photo of yours taken during your Run United race participation (RU 1, 2, 3 or RUPM of 2012 or RU1 of 2013). please make sure that the link points to an accessible photo.
  • a reply to the question “What did you like most about your Run United race experience? (refer to the particular race where your photo was taken)
  • your full name

2. The two entries with the best looking photo AND best answer will be announced as the winners.
3. Entries can be posted starting today until 8PM of Sunday, April 28.
4. Winners to be announced afterwards and will be emailed on the details on how to claim their prize.



11 Responses

  1. ***

    *** At the finished line, every runner’s dream. My best running photo so far.

    *** Laurence Bacani Carbungco

  2. RUPM 2012

    What did you like most about your Run United race experience?

    What I like most about my RUPM experience is that I got my personal PR for 21km, meet old and new friends, got a plate sized medal (that my mother and father thought that I had finished first), a Rudy project watch from UNILAB promo that I gave to my father as a birthday gift and the priceless moment that it’s only last 500km away from finishing the race, I was walking when Coach Rio tap my ass and told me “Go! Go! Go!” for me to sprint and finish the race happy and strong. Ü

    here my finishing photo:

    Harold Kimm Isaguirre

  3. It is my first time to be part of Run United Trilogy. Everything is well organized and I beat my 21k pr by 1 minute. This race made me decided to complete the trilogy thats why I already registered to RU2. Im excited to run my first 32k. Thanks runrio.

    Jose Emir Tumanon

  4. The opportunity for me to run and have fun with my friends. RU1 of 2013 is one hell of a fun run.

  5. “What did you like most about your Run United race experience?

    My RU2 race last year was one of the best races I’ve joined as it was well-manned, plenty of water and best of all I’ve got to run/walk in a race as a senior citizen!

    merlita cacho

    here’s the link to my photo:

  6. What did you like most about your Run United race experience?
    beautiful medal. a torrid to my precious medal. ^_^

    Allan S. Saramines

  7. RUPM was my first run in RU. It was very memorable for me because it was my first 21K run and got so big finisher’s medal. :). Hydration was flooded on the road and was also amazed with so many participants in 21K enjoying the route from BGC to MOA.

  8. All WET and definitely WILD! That is what I like most about the Run United 3 2012 race.
    Light showers at the starting line in BGC, rains in Makati, heavy rains in Roxas Blvd., and gusts of wind at the finish line in MOA. These didn’t stop me, running among Two and a half Thousand other finishers of 32K, from completing the Trilogy (as can be seen on my number 3 sign, also very acceptable as the Okay sign as seen by my friend.)
    Converging with the 5k and 10k runners toward the end of the route also provided a refreshing sight and feeling.
    Indeed, my RU3 was a “COOL”, memorable experience!

    (Please don’t be misguided by my singlet, this is RU3 2012 as can be seen from my bib and the official Running Photographers page. :D)

    Joseph C. De Jesus

  9. link:

    answer: For RU3 even it is raining, it is my best experience of running 21k because the pouring rain helps to relieves fatigue also t is very organize, there are enough water stations, many marshals, and most of all there are many volunteer photographers. 🙂 Also during running there are many runners that will motivate you to finish the run.

    full name: Neil Jefferson Amador


    it was my first 21KM run, it will always be memorable. 🙂


    What’s more to love(like) than the Run United Race per se!!!
    -daniel palo

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