Winners of the Vaseline Men XTERRA Mud Run Race Kits


Hello All! It seems like the Vaseline Men XTERRA Mud Run appealed to a lot of runners! I received about over a hundred entries but unfortunately 30+ were inaccessible links. What was left were 73 valid entries – 22 for the 5km race category and 51 for the 10km race category. Here are the names of those with valid entries grouped in a list and assigned with numbers:

5k 10k

Based on the results generated by the online software, the following are the lucky winners:

1. For 5km:


4 – Marinelle De Leon
10 – Nikolo Andre Galang
12 – Marie Bernice So
15 – Jimley Gliponeo
20 – Mharu Pacana

2. For 10km:


3 – Laezer John Fernandez
25 – Joyette Jopson
40 – Juan Paolo Soriano
43 – Michael Cruz
49 – Christian Oting

Congratulations! Each of you will receive one Vaseline Men XTERRA Mud Run complimentary race kit claim stub (such as the ones shown in the photo above) which you can use to register for your chosen race category for free!

Expect to receive an email from me for details on how you can claim your prize. 

Thank you very much all and ’til the next give-away! 😉


3 Responses

  1. Wow! Thank you Ms. Vimz! 😀

  2. good day sir! thank you.. eto po pala ung email address ko
    ksi baka d makita or d ako nkasign up sa app sa entry ko nung sumali ako..

  3. awww 😦 i didn’t realize i had to set the photo to public. dang! oh well… i’ll just register. bye bye 800 😦

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