A Night of Rugby Football 101

Our “date” last Saturday night was something that hubby and I look forward to – first time kasi namin makakapanood ng Rugby Football game. Ito yung HSBC Asian 5 Nations Rugby Tournament where the Philippines plays host to two matches: the May 4 game Philippines vs Hong Kong and the game that night, Philippines vs UAE.

IMG_6072_resize IMG_6075_resize

The Philippines was represented by the now popular and successful rugby team, the Philippine Volcanoes! Woot-woot!

I am not familiar to the game of rugby although I know, from past teachings in school and from my readings (oh yes, I love to read! I thank you! hehe!) that it is kinda like football and/or soccer but in a more physical and intense way. Seeing a game being played live and in this kind of intensity is a welcome treat for me. It was as if I was having a Rugby Football 101 lesson live!

So apart from the todo-todong enjoyment (may time, so enjoy-enjoy lang! hehe!), I learned a lot as far as the sport of Rugby is concerned. Let me share with you some:

1. Rugby Football, as a sport here in the Philippines is now gaining a lot of awareness and interest. It was not a full Rizal Memorial Stadium but attendance was great. Andami pa ring tao ah!

IMG_6339_resize IMG_6078_resize

2. Mastery of the sport is not a requirement for you to enjoy the game. Common sense will help you understand the goings-on – bakit naka-5 points, bakit 3 points lang, bakit yun isang team ang may ball possession… 🙂 But if ever you want to really know more about the basics to fully understand and be on rugby-mode on, may pinamimigay before the game na chart that shows all the basic things that one needs to know about rugby.


3. Bawal ang PIKON sa Rugby! If you are the player handling the ball, you’ll get tackled, hit and even receive hard knocks not just from one but from many players from the opposing team. And as your teammates need to protect not you, but the ball you are handling, when you are down, they get down on you too! Which tells me also na—


looks like a mob diba? pero hindi! the player who is in possession of a ball can be “tackled” – yan ang ginagawa nila sa photo na ito


if you are the usual ball handler, you will always get tackled – madaganan, masipa, mahila at kung anu-ano pa. bawal mapikon!

4. — Bawal din ang lampayatot! (read: Lampa and Payat, in english – naks, may in english! lampa = unsteady or clumsy, payat = thin) If you are thin and unsure of your footing, you will most probably end up with broken bones. Rugby is a game of strength and endurance. One is always expected to be physically fit!


If lampa or payatot ka, hindi mo ma-achieve itong SCRUM which is defined as a movement using feet only, players try to send the ball toward back to begin play

5. Rugby players can be great runners! Their endurance is amazing and sobrang drop-jaw talaga to see them sprinting at great lengths sa field trying to get past burly obstacles (opposing players) to bring the ball to their goal.

whether in possession of the ball or not players are expected to sprint at times especially when running after the ball or running to send the ball to the goal

whether in possession of the ball or not players are expected to sprint at times especially when running after the ball or running to send the ball to the goal

6. Halos lahat ng players sa Philippine Volcanoes, half-Filipino and half-Foreign blood pa. Hopefully in the near future, maging-successful yun drive na maka-develop sa grassroots level ng mga magagaling na true-blooded, 100% Pinoy. But ok na ok naman ang ating mga half-Pinoy brothers sa Team Volcanoes!

the Philippine Volcanoes team

the Philippine Volcanoes team

7. Just like in running – sa rugby din passion, dedication, preparation and training plus a lucky dash of talent ang kailangan para maka-achieve sa sport na ito. Sa totoo lang kahit anong sport or gawain sa buhay ito naman ang mga winning ingredients di ba! I admire the Philippine Volcanoes’ passion sa sports na ito, para ring mga runners na kilala ko sa passion nila sa running!

8. Nothing can make watching a great Rugby game more fun, more exciting than being there live and shouting and shrieking and jumping in sheer joy and excitement with your loved-ones and good friends. 😉 Yun na yun eh! Aside from Art and I, running blogger friends Banjo, Rod, Rikki and Allan were also there to watch. Kaya ang saya!!!


photo credit: runningfreemanila.com

photo credit: runningfreemanila.com

As runners we all are, we agreed that it was an awesome change to take time to watch and appreciate a different sport once in a while. Makes you kinda realize that the passion to one’s sport should all be alive within us. 😉

Well, to sum it all up, it was time well spent with great people which hubby and I will gladly do again if given another chance. The Philippines won 24-8 vs. UAE, a clear testament that it truly deserves its Top 5 ranking in the Asian Nations Elite 5!  Hopefully, they continue to climb to the top of the rankings!

Lastly, thank you very much to sponsor FILA for the invitation and warm accommodation given to us the entire time. Cheers!


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  1. Nice article Maam Vimz (late na nagbabasa). Sayang, was not able to watched the game. Rugby is one of my fav sports to watch pa naman 😉

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