The Alaska Ironkids Philippines Aquathlon Race – May 19 2013


Last Sunday was the time I get to see up-close true, unadulterated passion to a sport. Where, you may ask, can I witness such kind of love towards a physical activity, a tiring and competitive sport? Well, only where kids are there to compete!


us bloggers (Rod, Allan and Rikki) with Sunrise Event’s Princess and Alaska staff infront of the Alaska station by the finish line (photo credit: Art of

It was like Family Day at the Ateneo De Manila Grade School Campus in the morning of last Sunday where the Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon event is being held. Parents, siblings and other members of the family are present, giddily prepping their little ones , oh and for some, their not so little ones for the race.


parents and spectators at the bleachers (photo credit: Rikki of


dad giving daughter some last-minute coaching (photo credit: Rikki of

The Aquathlon event fittingly classified participants into two/one-year spaced age groups: 6-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old and 13-14 years old – making sure that participants in each group will not have a big gap not only in age but most probably in built. 😉

It was my first time to see an actual Aquathlon event, as I never took that much interest in it (because I do not know how to swim!). But Aquathlon had an entirely different kind of lure to it when it was the “Ironkids Aquathlon”. When kids do activities that are usually, regularly done by adults, nakakabilib! It not only inspires but also warms the heart. ❤


Coach Ani briefing the kids (photo credit: Photo-Ops)


the boys doing the swim, galing! (photo credit: Photo-Ops)


out of the pool on to the transition area (photo credit: Photo-Ops)

Ironkids Philippines is actually the mini-version of the popular Ironman 70.3 triathlon race series. What is good about the Ironkids is that it offers not only a full triathlon race event but also aquathlon and running events – perfect for kids who may be just preparing to join triathlon races or simply just would like to dabble into one or two sporting disciplines. 

Watching the kids, I can’t help but feel inggit, my thought bubble – “If nung bata ako meron nang Ironkids, baka I know how to swim na at this age!”.  The race was executed just like how an adult aquathlon race is done – complete with race-branded swim caps, a transition area, official photogs, a finisher’s medal, shirt and loot bags! Podium finishers aside from the medals even have trophies with teddy bears to go with it! Aliw! 


at the transition area (photo credit: Photo-Ops)


these kids were taken seriously! there were a gatorade and summit water hydration stations (photo credit: Art of


aside from the Regent loot bags, there’s also a Regent product sampling booth for everyone (photo credit: Art of


and of course, there is an Alaska wet sampling booth! this is on top of the Alaska loot bags given away to all participants (photo credit: Art of


photo of the relay winners together with Coach Ani and Alaska Mascot E-Cow! See the teddy bears? (photo credit: Art of


post-race, kids still do have the energy! these two boys by the finish line wearing their “badges of honor” – finisher’s shirt and medal (photo credit: Photo-Ops)

Post-race, I am contemplating on having my little boy participate in the coming Alaska IronKids Running race on June 1 at the SM Mall of Asia. It will be a different but great experience for a kid especially in terms of discipline, hard work and determination. Gone are the days where every kid will be content in being infront of a computer, tv or gaming console – with the Alaska IronKids, speed, strength, agility and power-ups are to be experienced in real life and not just via a push of a button. 😉

Congratulations to all who participated and finished this race, good job kids! And props to all top finishers, keep it up!

results1 results2

For more photos, you can visit the Alaska IronKids photo albums from the Photo-Ops Photography FB page HERE.


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