Active Health RUNNER’S SUMMIT Lecture Topics

Last night’s launch for the Active Health Runner’s Summit provided everyone a clearer understanding of what it is all about. Let me share to you some key points which I was able to capture from last night which are enough reason why you should believe me when I say that it is worth attending!

1. This first-ever Runner’s Summit is a collaboration of passionate athletes/enthusiasts together with experts to come up with an activity which will take progressive athletes beyond physical training and beyond what they were able to informally learn from others and the internet. 

2. The summit is a whole day demo and lecture session which is to be presented in an engaging manner where participants are not just expected to sit and listen.

3. Once you sign-up, you are entitled to attend the three (3) modules, with the following course outlines:

  • Runner’s Machine by the UST Sports Science Department : all about understanding your body as your “machine” for running

Runner's Machine Topics

  • Runner’s Fuel by NutriFit Philippines: know how to effectively fuel your “running machine” before, during and after a race

Runner's Fuel Topics Runner's Fuel Topics2

  • Beyond Running by Kim Atienza: a motivational talk that will give you inspiration and how to find the sheer will and determination in your heart at times that your running machine, although fueled, is not functioning as you have endeavored it to be. 

4. For a Php1,500 entry fee, you get to attend these 3 modules plus enjoy the following inclusions:

  • a comfy and perfect summit venue which is the Unilab Bayanihan Center
  • AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack
  • a Runner’s Summit Kit inclusive of an ID,  presentor hand-outs, notebook, pen


  • a Sports Pack

sports pack

  • an Active Health Token


Best of all, you get to be 1 of only 500 runners privileged to attend this first ever summit for runners! Learn everything you need to know, acquire reliable answers to your questions and be armed not just with the skill but also the knowledge on how to not only conquer the distance but also respect it enough to properly prepare for it.




3 Responses

  1. May “kulitrunner” palang nage-exist? Ang kilala ko lang kasi si KikayRunner. Alam ko yun ang the best eh.

  2. Thanks for this! Your blog always proves to be super informative and up to date! 🙂

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