Our IronMan Weekend to Remember

The first weekend of August 2013 will have to be hubby and mine’s most memorable weekend of 2013 so far. Well, for one it was our first out of town trip together without the kids – our first for almost 19 years! Best of all it was great because we were at Cebu and witnessed the Alaska IronKids and Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines events.

If you were there, you will have the same feeling as ours – pride for being Filipinos! These events, for the uninitiated, are international events which attracts foreign participants from various countries. This year alone, the IM70.3 event attracted 2,150 participants from 35 countries. It was a great chance to see the beauty of our country and our people. Aside from the excellent event organizing of Sunrise Events, the people of the province of Cebu came all out to support this endeavor. Foreigners were harping that our Half-Ironman event in the Philippines is the best IM event they have been to.

We will definitely come back again next year!

Meanwhile, let me share with you the highlights of both the Alaska Ironkids and Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines via these video clips. Also found after each video are the race results for both events.


Awards Per Age Group-CEO Per Age Group-Per Relay Team
Overall Results – Age Groupers
Overall Results – CEO Category
Overall Results – TOP 20 PRO and FILIPINO ELITE
Overall Results – PROs
Overall Results – Filipinos
Overall Results – RELAY TEAMS

ik 11-12



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