New Gear: TevaSphere Speed

During the last muddy trail run I participated in a couple of months ago, my trusty old trail shoes bid me goodbye. It was maybe long overdue for my shoe as it has been my favorite companion in all my trail rides (i don’t use cleated shoes!) and runs for a good number of years already. 

I was supposed to go on a “trail shoe search and adventure” but then again, one promising pair made its surprise way to me. Presenting, the TevaSphere Speed:

The TevaSphere Speed comes from TEVA, said to be a leading action outdoor brand and is the company founded by the maker of the world’s first ever sports sandal. More importantly, this new footwear collection is boasted to be an outdoor cross-trainer shoe that is ideal for users who take on a variety of terrain in their active pursuits. It features patent-pending spherical heel and pod-arch system which aims to deliver a more natural point of impact, efficient transition and phenomenal stability.

From these credentials, I initially had the impression that my feet will be in ehrmmm “good shoes”. 😉

I haven’t used my pair yet but I am truly excited to be able to try it on a trail run soon! Meanwhile, let me share with all of you the below data/materials that were shared to me about this shoe. Read on! 🙂 






TevaSphere FAQs
TevaSphere Speed Tech Sheet
TevaSphere Trail Mid Event Tech Sheet
TevaSphere Trail Tech Sheet



Teva® Defies Convention By Changing the Shoe Instead of the Stride
Action Outdoor Brand Delivers Trailblazing Technology For Outdoor Terrain

In 1984, a young Grand Canyon river guide named Mark Thatcher revolutionized the footwear industry when he created the world’s first sport sandal. This idea soon spawned a brand, and the Teva® (that’s “teh’-vah,” not “tee-vah”) adventure was born.

Teva®, a leading action outdoor brand and division of Deckers Outdoor Corporation (NASDAQGS: DECK) announced late last year the launch of the TevaSphere collection designed to meet the performance needs of the outdoor athlete. With a first-of-its-kind spherical heel and pod-arch system, the TevaSphere technology delivers a more natural point of impact, efficient transition and superior stability on varied terrain.

“Teva has been providing innovative footwear for the outdoors since pioneering the sport-sandal category almost thirty years ago,” said Teva Brand President Joel Heath. “We are, once again, putting our stake in the ground; with TevaSphere we are delivering a technology-based solution that addresses the shortcomings of both minimalist and over-supportive athletic shoes.”

Participation in non-traditional outdoor sports such as adventure racing, obstacle courses and mud runs is steadily on the rise.  In an effort to meet the demands of this growing group of consumers, Teva spent more than four years developing the TevaSphere technology that solves a real problem for outdoor athletes who face a diverse range of terrain and obstacles in their outdoor pursuits.

The brand’s product and design team collaborated with leading sports science and human performance institute P3 (Peak Performance Project) to create the first outdoor cross-trainer offering a spherical heel and pod-based arch support system. P3 proved through extensive testing that the spherical heel lowers the user’s point of contact with terrain for a more natural point of impact and more efficient transition.  The pod-arch system provides specific support only where needed, offering phenomenal stability without restricting freedom of movement or adding unnecessary weight to the shoe.

“We took our testing beyond the traditional flat environments of a lab and developed a way to test both uphill and downhill movements, mimicking the various terrains of the outdoors,” said Geoffrey Gray, Doctor of Physical Therapy at P3.  “Our extensive data showed that the TevaSphere represents the best combination of performance and stability of any hiking, walking or running shoe we tested.”

The TevaSphere design stands in stark contrast to bulkier, squared-off heels and over-cushioned insoles of other athletic shoes. It also addresses the poor support found in “minimalist” footwear that encourages consumers to change their stride to adapt.

“The majority of consumers continue to land on their heels whether running or walking,” said Chris Hillyer, Innovation Manager at Teva. “We felt compelled to create a technology that allows people to transition through their stride in a natural way without expecting the consumer to change.”

Teva also incorporates proven technology from its other footwear lines in the TevaSphere collection. The TevaSphere outsole is composed of Spider365 Rubber that provides supreme traction on various terrains. In addition, the TevaSphere footwear collection offers a welcome aesthetic which transitions easily from the trail to the sidewalk.  Structural minimalism, non-sew synthetics, flexible mesh and vibrant color define the versatile looks for the Spring 2013 line.

TevaSphere debuted in the Philippines last May 2013.

  • TevaSphere Speed features quick-dry materials and lightweight design.  The Speed is available in two colors for men and women with an SRP of PHP 5,490.00.




  • TevaSphere Trail eVent® features eVent® breathable waterproof membrane, sturdy design and toe bumper for added protection. The TevaSphere Trail eVent is available in three colors for men and two for women with an SRP of PHP 6,990.00.


  • TevaSphere Trail is built for women who prefer the benefits of a sturdy trail shoe and can forgo waterproof features. The TevaSphere Trail is available for women only, in three colors with an MSRP SRP of PHP 5,490.00.


Teva is currently available at the 2/L of Trinoma, all ROX stores, Mountain Hardwear stores and selected Res/Toe/Run stores.

The Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant, is the exclusive distributor of Fitflop in the Philippines.


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