TOBY’S SPORTS: It Starts Here

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“’It Starts Here’ encompasses the driving force of Filipinos who are committed to their goals. It is knowing within you that you have to start somewhere to get to where you want to be, especially in the world of sports. That’s where Toby’s Sports is; we are the starting point to help you on your journey to greatness,”.

This is part of  the Toby Claudio’s –  Toby’s Sports President and whose name the famous store took after – speech during the event where the store’s new logo, new campaign and new ambassadors were presented to the media and guests. Indeed, from it’s simple beginning as a toys and hobby shop, Toby’s Sports have successfully grown to be one of the forerunners, if not the top, in sports retail business in the country today.

Toby's Logo

The event, which is also a celebration of sorts for the store’s 35th Anniversary, had Toby presenting the new logo of the store – composed of nine dots where each dot represents the top nine known sports in the country. The new Toby’s Sports ambassadors also were presented – the selection of which were decided because they embody the store’s values of “passion”, “greatness” and “excellence”. The three ambassadors after all are big names in their chosen sports – Neil Etheridge for football, Michelle Gumabao for volleyball and James Yap for basketball.

James Yap, Toby Claudio and Michelle Gumabao

James Yap, Toby Claudio and Michelle Gumabao

What truly stuck to my mind though was Toby’s statement which says that what they want is for the store to not just be a place where people buy sports stuff but to be a place where anyone who goes will be inspired and encourage to be active and get into sports. That and the team’s quest to never stop finding ways to evolve and in the process help grow the sporting community is truly passion, greatness and excellence rolled into one whole package – TOBY’S SPORTS! 

toby and son

Toby Claudio and son

Toby's Sports family with James Yap and Michele Gumabao

Toby’s Sports family with James Yap and Michele Gumabao

I was truly honored to have been invited to this event. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to the people behind Toby’s Sports!

Learn more about Toby’s Sports It Starts Here campaign, it’s new look and endorsers/ambassadors in the press release below.


It Starts Here: Toby’s Sports unveils new look, new campaign, and new endorsers
James Yap, Michele Gumabao, Neil Etheridge for Toby’s Sports

(Manila, Philippines) Passion, greatness, excellence are values that embody the country’s largest sports chain, Toby’s Sports. In line with the launch of its new look, Toby’s tapped the Philippines’ most respected athletes who show passion, personify greatness, and pursue excellence in their respective sports to represent the brand.

“It Starts Here” is Toby’s Sports’ latest campaign, espousing that the first step in achieving greater heights is commitment. This is how the brand sees itself through the years: committed to its purpose of helping every Filipino live their best through sports and an active lifestyle. More than a sports store, Toby’s Sports has made a mark on the mind, hearts, and bodies of millions of Filipinos since it started 35 years ago.

“’It Starts Here’ encompasses the driving force of Filipinos who are committed to their goals. It is knowing within you that you have to start somewhere to get to where you want to be, especially in the world of sports. That’s where Toby’s Sports is; we are the starting point to help you on your journey to greatness,” says Toby Claudio, President of Toby’s Sports.

To further strengthen and communicate its mantra, Toby’s Sports officially launches its new logo to go with its all-new store design created by a Tokyo-based design firm. Toby’s selected the country’s top athletes who best epitomize the “It Starts Here” campaign: PBA all-star James Yap, volleyball champion Michele Gumabao, and Azkals star goalkeeper Neil Etheridge. These three athletes each exhibit what it is like to have a burning passion for sports, be motivated to reach greatness, and prove that excellence can be fulfilled.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and it begins with the decision to commit to your goals. For James Yap, being selected as a ten-time PBA All-star and two-time Most Valuable Player did not happen overnight. He rose from a humble background to become a college phenom and eventually, the face of the PBA. He is recognized as one of the top 5 Filipino basketball players of all-time and undoubtedly the most recognizable male athlete of his generation.

Similarly, volleyball champion Michele Gumabao learned the best life lessons inside the court. Michele discovered that for passion to turn into greatness, discipline is where everything starts. Her passion for the sport was unmatched, resulting in a stunning career that has yielded three UAAP championships and recognition as the UAAP Finals MVP.

The Azkals’ star goalkeeper, Neil Etheridge, understood that he had to work his way up to reach his goal of playing for English Premier League team Fulham and for the Philippine team where he shone as a hero in several of its crucial victories. He says, “Playing for a first division team with some of the best players in the world is something I’ve always dreamed of. It’s the reason why I’ve worked so hard. And I keep working hard because I know that with the Azkals I have a shot at doing something that can make the whole country proud.”

Toby’s Sports also has its own significant story of starting 35 years ago as a small toy store. It has constantly grown and evolved, and the Toby’s Sports we know today currently has 50 stores nationwide, covers 56 sports, and carries nearly 500 brands – making it the leading and largest sports brand in the Philippines.

If there is one thing that Toby’s Sports and its athlete-endorsers share, it is knowing that there is power in commitment. For decades, Toby’s Sports has been behind the success of great athletes, and is committed to serving more generations of rising stars. More than its modern stores, big labels, and quality products, it is the brand’s values that make the difference – passion, greatness, excellence are at the heart of the Toby’s brand.


Toby’s Sports: It Starts Here
Passion. Excellence. Greatness. Whatever drives you, inspires you, moves you, it starts here at Toby’s Sports. The country’s leading sports retailer offers the best selection of footwear, apparel, and equipment housed under the widest branch network in the Philippines. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, a fitness fanatic, or simply fashionably fit, Toby’s Sports has all the gear you need. For more information, visit, like Toby’s Sports at on Facebook, and follow @tobyssports on Twitter. For inquiries, call 651-7777.

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