Heard from the Grapevine…

What’s this we heard that a famous, much-awaited annual marathon event in the country will have its schedule moved? Hmmm…

There have been unconfirmed talks which say that the event, usually held during the second month of the year, will be rescheduled to sometime in March(?). Various speculations have been going on too for the simple reason that promotions, even updates, have been noticeably scarce – very different from what the community have been used to in the past.

Well, no official announcements have been released yet but everyone who have incorporated this race in their 2014 training or race calendar will be wise to come up with an alternative option just in case.

Hopefully we get to receive official news very soon!

UPDATE: Latest we heard, event might not even take place at all for 2014. But then again, this too is UNOFFICIAL. When the official word will come out, my cards say that it won’t be too long. 😉 In my honest opinion, it will really be truly wise to  look for an alternative option at this point. Cheers!


One Response

  1. Dear Kulit on the Run,

    Are you talking about Condura Skyway Marathon?

    Hope it will not be conflict with Run United 1.

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