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Can a brand bring about positive change towards community progress and nation-building?  By encouraging everyone’s desire to change for the better during New Year, one brand did.

In 2010, Krem-Top was launched as a superior coffee creamer.  In the moments when people were open to changing many things in their lives, Krem-Top inspired people to chart their destinies through small and simple resolutions. 

As Krem-Top started it’s Happy New Change campaign towards the New Year, Krem-Top encouraged Filipino’s positivism towards a bright future to be expressed in their resolutions.  This was done through an ad that showed a series of changes that they promised to make.  It challenged the viewers with the question – what will you change for the better?

In the succeeding years, Krem-Top continued the call for change through campaigns that emboldened people to be inspired and bring to life their resolutions. In throngs, people were motivated to make them no matter how small or mundane – all because everyone wanted to change for the better. 

For 2013, Krem-Top pushes the envelope, telling Filipinos that small changes when done together can effect a change not just for the individual but for an entire country.  All it takes is the will and participation of the greater majority. 

With the help of Krem-Top’s brand ambassadors Papa Jack and Richard Yap, a declaration of a better Pilipinas will not remain as a vision but a reality. Papa Jack does his best to really help his listeners through his love advices and life lessons in his radio program “True Love Confessions”. Richard Yap on the other hand serves as an inspiration as he continuously challenges himself to be better: from being a businessman to a commercial model, a singer and now one of the most sought after celebrity and endorser.

Encapsulated in this year’s campaign line “Change For The Better Pilipinas”, Krem-Top’s advocacy has been all about making small changes to make a big impact. This year, those small changes are about to get bigger, as they rally the entire country to make a change. Simulan na ang pagbabago! Change for the Better Pilipinas!

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Change for the Better 2013 Campaign Background

Note: Credit to Justin Gomez for the photos.


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