Women’s Health and Men’s Health jumpstart your year of fitness with Bianca Gonzalez and Geoff Eigenmann


Women’s Health and Men’s Health jumpstart your year of fitness with
Bianca Gonzalez and Geoff Eigenmann

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Lose 40 pounds in three months! Live fearlessly and commit to fitness. These are some of the inspiring goals you’ll find in the January 2014 issue of Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

Men’s Health cover guy Geoff Eigenmann reveals how he shed an astonishing 40 pounds in just three months, while Women’s Health cover girl Bianca Gonzalez shares her tips on building confidence and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

“Bianca Gonzalez epitomizes what the Women’s Health reader strives to be: the best version of herself whether it’s through eating healthily, working out regularly, nurturing her relationships, and even speaking her mind on issues that move or inspire her,” said Women’s Health Philippines editor –in-chief Lara Parpan.

When asked why Geoff Eigenmann is a perfect example of a Men’s Health  guy, Men’s Health Philippines editor-in-chief Peejo Pilar praised Eigenmann as the “man who perseveres and gets things done.” Pilar added: “Despite facing criticism regarding his weight, Eigenmann focused on his goals and lost 40 pounds to bounce back into fighting form and return a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Bianca Gonzalez and Geoff Eigenmann welcomed members of the press at 55 Events Place to talk more about fitness, lifestyle changes, and practical workout secrets that everyone can incorporate into their routines this year.

Men’s Health and Women’s Health, the country’s leading health and fitness titles published by Summit Media also gave a sneak peek of what’s in store for 2014: “Expect better fitness and health news and more fun events for our readers,” said MH editor-in-chief Peejo Pilar.

“The year 2014 is the 5th anniversary of Women’s Health in the Philippines. Expect issues filled with the most up-to-date information on health, fitness, weight loss, and nutrition: more of the relevant, authoritative content that Women’s Health is known for; and fun-filled flagships events such as ‘Beauty and the Beach’ in Boracay this April, and ‘Are You Game?’ later this year,” said WH editor-in-chief Lara Parpan.

The January issue of Men’s Health with actor Geoff Eigenmann and Women’s Health with TV personality Bianca Gonzalez on the cover are available online via Summit Newsstands (www.summitnewsstand.com.ph), and in print in leading newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for only P140 each. For more information, useful tips, and inspiring wellness posts, add WH and MH on www.facebook.com/MensHealthPhilippines and ww.facebook.com/WomensHealthPhilippines; or tweet and follow us  on www.twitter.com/MensHealthPH and www.twitter.com/WomensHealthPH.


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