Alaska IronKids Aquathlon – RACE and PLAY

Last February 9, the first for 2014 leg of the Alaska Ironkids events was held at the The Village Sports Club in BF Homes, Paranaque.

As in every Ironkids event, this one was kinda a family bonding activity, where almost all members of the family came to cheer on their little participant. What was different for this year was that apart from the events thrust of helping kids develop the values of discipline, hard work, integrity and determination via the race, an option to”race” or “play” was also provided to participants. These means categories under “RACE” are for our competitive little ones who thrive trained to race and enjoy the challenge of competition while categories under “PLAY” are for those who just want to participate mainly for the experience or to enjoy doing the sport without the pressure of competition.

So whether your kid is who loves to compete or one who is fairly new to the sport and would not want to be intimidated by competing participants, there’s a category perfect for them at this year’s Alaska Ironkids events. Main difference for the “race” and “play” is the absence of the awards and rankings for participants of the Play category, it being a non-competitive category.

Meanwhile let me share to you various snapshots taken from the Aquathlon event last Feb. 9. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you on the next event, the Alaska Ironkids Triathlon happening on April 13 at the La Stanza, Marikina

The Alaska Ironkids is a series of races involving triathlon, aquathlon and running, which aim to promote a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle for children ages 6-14. For more information, log on to or at and follow us on twitter @AlaskaSportsHub


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