Life Goes On

Life Goes On
A Health Exentials Story

“You only live once.”

This was the principle that Michelle de Jesus lived by. She just turned 30, and was doing quite well as medical representative in a leading pharmaceutical company. She was starting to earn comfortably and was able to save some money enough for a European tour she was planning.

She loved travelling, hanging out with friends, looking for new adventures. She was fit and relatively healthy — she did yoga twice a week and was thinking of starting with pole dancing in a month.

Then Michelle suffered a stroke.

She had to have aneurysm surgery which cost P400,000. She was confined for 15 days in the ICU and another 30 days after in a regular room. Her total hospital bill easily reached P700,000.

After being discharged, she tried a few weeks of physical therapy and had to continue being under medication, which, all in all, cost her some more money as well.

Unfortunately, nine months after her stroke, despite all her attempts with physical therapy, her doctor diagnosed her as totally and permanently disabled, as a result of the stroke she suffered.

Suffering a stroke was physically, emotionally, and mentally draining already for Michelle. But did she also have to suffer the financial stress of paying for all her medical bills? Michelle had some savings, but it was not enough.

How AXA’s Health Exentials Plan can help Michelle

Because Health Exentials gives great value-for-money health coverage, Michelle can get benefits that are many times more than what she pays for.

For a very affordable P2,170 per month for a Health Exentials Deluxe Plan, Michelle will be able to receive cash benefits worth P2.28 million, broken down as follows:

P1 million > upon diagnosis of critical condition (stroke)
P1 million > within one year upon diagnosis of total & permanent disability
P135,000 > Daily Hospitalization benefit (P3,000/day x 45 days)
P45,000 > ICU Hospitalization benefit (P3,000/day x 15 days)
P100,000 > non-smoker bonus
Epilogue: Moving On

“It’s been a rough ride, but I have so much to look forward to,” shares Michelle with a slur, smiling despite the slight disfiguration on the left side of her face. “I’m just glad I don’t have to think about paying for my hospital bills because of Health Exentials.”

“I’ve had to resign from my job in sales,” muses Michelle. “But with all the cash benefits I received from AXA, I was able to start several franchised food cart businesses which my brother helps me manage. It’s doing pretty well.”

“Despite what I’ve been through, I feel blessed. I have the opportunity to pick up the pieces, reinvent myself, and hold my head up high” she concludes with a smile. “After all, life goes on.”



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