Alaska Jr NBA/WNBA Regional Selection Camp – Manila

Last April 12 was my first time to actually witness what happens at an Alaska Jr NBA/WNBA Selection Camp. 

The selection camp which is a two-day “elimination round” of sorts happening at various regions in the whole country going as far as Cebu and Iloilo. Each selection camp produces around 10 – 20 young boys and girls who will be that region’s representatives to what will be the culminating activity which is the Jr. NBA/WNBA National Training Camp.

At the National Training Camp, the cream of the crop will be chosen from all the regional hopefuls and will comprise what will be 2014’s Jr. NBA and WNBA players.

When I and the other bloggers arrived at the PICC forum for day 1 of the Manila Selection Camp, we were greeted with the site of hundreds of young boys and girls – the biggest turn-out from all the Regional Selection Camps ever held – either all lined-up in registration, on different skills stations or waiting for their scores to be tallied. At the camp, each one is to undergo trial at various skills stations where they get to have their scores or grades recorded in their camp cards.

1. The Vital Station: this is where basics such as the camper’s height, wingspan, core strength and vertical lift are checked.

IMG_1658 IMG_1660

2. The Lay-up Station:

IMG_1587 IMG_1598

3. The Dribbling Station:

IMG_1430 IMG_1486

4. The Shooting Station:

IMG_1459 IMG_1536

5. The Footwork Station

IMG_1498 IMG_1503

6. The Passing Station:

IMG_1439 IMG_1441
There are about 5 stations for each skill and each station is manned by a number of coaches which not only grades each participant but also teaches and provides tips about the particular skill that station is for.

While going through each station or right after finishing, the kids can also go to the different sponsor booths for some play or break time. 

IMG_1481 IMG_1514 IMG_1507

Seeing all these kids from those who are lined-up to register and those who are going through the activities, I can fairly conclude that basketball indeed is still the biggest sport in the Philippines. All these kids- boy or girl, tall or short, thin or kinda heavy – they all have this common love of the sport. 


Last stop for the day was at the Score tabulation area where kids submit their completed score cards to camp officials and where at the end of the day, the Top boys and girls of the day will be asked to return the following day for the final selection activity.

IMG_1515 IMG_1524

And here are the lucky Jr. NBA and WNBA Manila Regional Camp representatives. They will be joining the other region representatives this weekend for the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2014 presented by Alaska National Training Camp where the final members of the Jr. NBA and WNBA will be selected. As a treat, Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz and WNBA Legend Tina Thompson will be in Manila to participate in the said event. Congratulations!

EMJ_2584 EMJ_2603




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  1. Kudos to Alaska for supporting and developing sports programs for youth.. Start them young and we gear towards global competitiveness.

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