Mizuno Wave Rider 17

The first and only time I owned a pair of Mizuno running shoes was back in 2008 when I felt that Mizuno and my feet unfortunately did not click. But then again, they said that usually, second time’s a charm! So here I am (or shall i say, “here;s my feet”), taking a chance on another Mizuno pair, after about six years – the Wave Rider 17:


I can now gladly tell you, that yes, second time is definitely a charm for me and my M2 (that’s Mizuno No. 2 for me, folks!). There are a lot of things I like in this new pair, which was incidentally given to me by the peeps from Mizuno Philippines (thankie!!!):

  • it’s color – not as boring as before
  • it’s weight – definitely lighter than my Mizuno #1 or yep you got it, M1
  • it’s cushioning – i feel comfy and for someone who has Plantar Fasciitis, no pain, ever!
  • it’s sockliner – comfortable and soft, i can even use it without wearing a pair of socks!

Suffice to say, it was worth reconnecting with the brand again which, I was told, did a number of improvements to the Wave Rider. I have been running in them on my few “me-time” runs and on my first few “comeback” organized runs oh and not to forget, I have been wearing it during work where I am usually found rushing, running from one point to another. That’s sports events organizing is folks, at the end of each event, I more often than not, feel like I run a half-marathon myself. My M2 have been a great companion on those physically-taxing moments. 

For more on the Mizuno Wave Rider 17, which Mizuno claims as the “best Wave Rider ever” (lucky me!), read on the below presser. Cheers!


Wave Rider 17

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Lighter, Faster Evolution
Performance Without Compromise
*Cushioning & Comfort*
*Light & Fast*
*A Go-to Speedy Shoe For Neutral Runners*
*Authentic Japanese Innovation*

The Wave Rider is symbolic of Mizuno’s constant quest to make better running shoes. In its 17th incarnation, the Wave Rider incorporates a number of new technologies aimed at securing its position as the go-to shoe for everyday runners. Always evolving, constantly progressing, the Wave Rider 17 is the best Wave Rider yet.

A major part of every Mizuno running shoe, SmoothRide technology has evolved, and Mizuno treadmill tests found that the Wave Rider 17 provides a 27 percent improvement compared to its predecessor.

The new SmoothRide forefoot radius makes for a silky smooth transition. With a rounded sole, the landing position is closer to the centre of the ankle and the foot that reduces the momentum of pronation so the landing becomes smoother. And, as the first contact area is bigger, there’s more stability too.

Wave Rider 17 has been refreshed from heel to toe – cushioned and comfortable yet light and fast. Mizuno’s new midsole material U4iC, introduced last season, is 30 per cent lighter than AP+, yet it retains the same characteristics of ride, cushioning and comfort that you’ve come to expect from Mizuno running shoes – and weighs in at a performance-enhancing 250g.

The upper and sole gently support and protect your feet with a dissolving fit you’ll barely notice. The Dynamotion Fit™ means your foot is held in place, with support coming from the internal welding allowing for freedom of design and less fuss on the outside, too. Seamless overlays in the upper also provide increased comfort.

On the inside, the new premium sockliner offers a springy and softer feel for superior comfort and support. And on the outside the blown rubber in the forefoot replaces heavier carbon rubber of past models and gives some extra traction.


  • SRP 4,995.00
  • Weight: 250g/210g
  • 12/24mm Ramp


  • New U4iC (pronounced ‘euphoric’) midsole: more cushioning for 50g less weight.
  • SmoothRide evolution: updated technology in the forefoot for a faster and a smoother transition.
  • Blown rubber forefoot: extra cushioning and comfort.
  • Seamless upper: minimal overlays reduce the weight while continuing to provide a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Premium sockliner: softer and springier for even more comfort.

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