*this is not the official logo

*this is not the official logo

On October 1, NIKE will launch what is to be the largest social running meet in the country! The NIKE RUNNING CLUB is a weekly social meet of various runners/running groups of all levels for a session of running, training, fun and socializing.

From what I understood when I was given a brief , the Nike Run Club is applicable to both beginner runners or even those who have been running already – regardless if they are an existing member of a running team or not. Running teams usually meet at least once a week for regular training/member sessions and it is ok as Nike will not ask that this be discontinued. In fact the club will support this and together with it, a collective gathering of all these groups for a specific day of the week will be held for running-inspired surprise events.

Is the Nike Run Club a one-time activity? Nope, I was told that this is more of a long-term thing. One which aims to create a new, improved culture in running!

What is in it for runners? I’d say a lot! From running services Nike+ Training club sessions, amazing experiences, stacks of motivation, support and guidance plus plenty of fun along the way! All of these for FREE!

If you or your running team is interested, I suggest that you head on over at the BGC Ampitheater on Wednesday, October 1 at 6:30PM, wearing your running attire. Encourage your teammates to attend with you and participate in the team challenge. Since it is the launch, I have heard that Nike have prepared a very special prize package for the winning team.

Whatever your running ability is, you are invited to run your first, funnest, fastest, fittest run at the NIKE Run Club.

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  1. Hi,

    I got a text message last Saturday from Runrio inviting me for the ALL-WOMEN Nike Run Club today. Do you have any idea about this event?


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