Jampacked November Weekend for Filinvest City


Worthy of its bid to be the preferred sporting hub/venue of Metro Manila, Filinvest City, Alabang will be having a jampacked sporting weekend on November 8 and 9!

For one, there will be their own event, the Filinvest City Endurance Weekend. It has two legs – first will be the Endurance MTB leg happening on November 8 (Saturday) from 6AM to 6PM and the second will be the Endurance RUN leg which is set to happen on the morning of November 9 (Sunday).  Read more about this event’s details HERE and HERE.

What sets this event apart from the other mtb or run-based events is that it does not aim to test one’s speed but rather one’s endurance. Whereas other events reward you for finishing within a set time limit, this race will reward you for having to endure riding the mtbike or running the trail or both, for a specific time duration with a minimum number of laps covered. Yep folks, you will not be rewarded much for being fast but for being well, patient! And what will the rewards be? Here:


finisher's medal


I encourage you to try and be a part of it. It is not as often that we go to an organized event where we can test our limits! This one gives it to us! Oh, for the newbies, don’t fret there is a category meant for those who are new into the sport or those who have been thinking of leveling up a bit! Check the details from the link above.

Oh and not to forget, didn’t I just say that this is a jampacked sporting weekend for Filinvest City? Yes and not just a challenging sporting weekend it will be, it will also be a fun colorful one because the organizers of the Color Manila Run series have partnered with Filinvest to give you this event as a colorful ice-breaker between the Endurance Weekend’s MTB and Run events!

The Color Manila Sunset Fun Run will be held on November 8, 2014 (Saturday) right after the MTB leg of the Endurance Weekend. You can opt to join this to cap your great Endurance MTB weekend with fun and color or you may just want to witness how this fun colorful event unfold. Awarding of Endurance MTB winners will be held at the Color Manila Sunset Run activity venue. Here are some details:



November 8, 2014

Gun Start : 4:30 PM

Color Festival : 5:30 PM

After-party : 5:30 PM onwards

Event Venue : Filinvest City, Alabang

Race Distance : 5km

Race Fee: Php350 Promo / Php700 Regular

Expect a night of color and fun with guest performances and DJs! Booths will be available at the after-party venue!

For more details: http://www.colormanilarun.com/sunset-run


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