Have you been to Sportshouse lately? I did! A little over a week ago, I had the chance to revisit the Sportshouse branch in SM Megamall Bldg. A, through the invitation of the good people of Sportshouse. 

Sportshouse is a local sports retail merchandise store which sells sports equipment, gears and apparel. I have come to know this store as a “go-to” shop for one’s badminton or sports/gym needs. But with the latest visit, I was glad to know that the store’s management decided to expand their line to include products catering to runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes as well. 

Did you know that they carry the SKINS brand of compression wear? They do! Apart from SKINS, they developed their own brands which aim to provide Filipino athletes and sports enthusiasts a more cost-effective alternative than the imported brands. They say these products are cheaper but n still boast of the quality and performance that any person in an active lifestyle expect.

Read on the below press release for you to have an idea of what these products are or better yet, do visit any of Sportshouse’s 36 branches and see and get a feel of the products on hand!

Thank you to Sportshouse for the in-store tour!


Sportshouse recently launched the hashtags – #LifeInSports & #LifeAfterSports to illustrate the connection and yet to set apart the products for these two categories. 

Intensity and power, that’s what #LifeInSports is, Sportshouse carry products that will help athletes and soon-to-be athletes.

Filipino-made Compression Clothing

left itracc

iTRACC is a proud Filipino made apparel and it stands for Triathlon Running Athletics Cycling Compression. Each design went to thorough studies to perfect each compression technology.  iTRACC is made of Spandex for comfort and Elastene for flexibility. Released in 2013, iTRACC® emerged in a world where compression garments are eventually popular and widely in demand. We are all about providing the finest and science-study-oriented sportswear that every athlete desires. Whether for pros, for amateurs and even for sports enthusiasts, iTRACC® provides the latest trends of sportswear. Sportshouse is very proud to say that iTRACC is a PS (Patent Secured) product certified which means every design and feature has a certification from Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). According to Sportshouse Marketing Manager, Mr.Neil Guinto, “Definitely, we will develop more designs by 2015, to match the athlete’s changing needs. And certainly, we will be more aggressive in the market.”

SKINS – world class Compression Garments


SKINS is an Australian brand that focuses on compression clothing. SKINS currently sell over 160 different compression products including specific ranges for golfcycling, and triathlon. Skins has different compression technology depending on the design and sometimes, it focuses on what sports you are in. For Triathlon, they have a specific technology called Elastic Interface Technology which provides maximum protection, all-way stretch elastic inserts expands and textured surface allows for optimum moisture transfer and comfort.

New Product

left max

Another product belongs for #LifeInSports category is Maxxed. It is product line for different breed of shoes. Maxxed will be available at Sportshouse mid-December of this year. Flight 101 is one of the first designs that will be offered for athletes, specifically for runners. Mr. Guinto of Sportshouse explains what is behind Flight 101’s tagline; “The Run Right” tagline represents Flight 101’s technology. Similar to other products, we call it equipment not a shoe or apparel because it will help athlete’s performance. Its functionalities will assist runner in proper landing and help them push forward.” Sportshouse will give great promos upon releasing.

Quality Gym Equipments

Time Sports is a US-technology inspired gym equipments that focuses on treadmills and bikes. Sportshouse offers 3 months warranty for motor, 1 year warranty for parts and a lifetime home service. Sportshouse are very proud to say that Time Sports are one of the most-bought items because of its quality and advanced specifications.

On a different light, Sportshouse understands the need for fashionable and stylish wear without compromising the quality and affordability. That is the reason why #LifeAfterSports apparels were born.

Trendy and Tasteful Garments

left brood

Brood is a new brand emerged on today’s foot necessities. This brand is not just a typical kind of shoes; it has an essence of new technology of comfort and style that derived from French designs. Brood brings ease on your active lifestyle since this is made as a cooling fashion after your sports activity.

On the other hand, Brood Lite is a slip-on shoe and because of its Neoprene material it can be very flexible. Color combinations are Royal Blue, Grey with Yellow Green outer sole and Black with Neon Orange outer sole. Another exciting product is Bodyworks. These lifestyle shirts are made for stylish yuppies. Sportshouse knows how important style is for young professional; they want outfits that can be a statement so they created these up-to-the-minute attires. “These lifestyle garments are the in thing now, fashionable, very colorful and trendy. But, we didn’t stop there, we created it in a way that we still involved what quality we used in our sports apparel.” says Mr. Neil Guinto, Marketing Manager of Sportshouse.

Korea’s Number 1 Sandals


Sportshouse is the exclusive distributor of Toeot, a funky and hip sandals that you can style the way you want it. The strap of each pair is adjustable so you can make endless designs.

Sportshouse has 36 branches nationwide and you can visit their website at Like them at facebook, / and tweet them @sportshouse.


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