Under Armour’s #WomenofWill YOGA Wednesdays

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Every woman’s heart long for a healthy and exceptional way of living. There’s no other way in making it but through how they manage their lifestyle. By being driven, strong, and fearless to accomplish any circumstances they may face, they can attain all those aspects to get ARMOURED and be EMPOWERED!

It is in this light that the #WomenofWill of international sporting brand Under Armour, was born. Connected in a way to the brand’s “I Will What I Want” push, the Women of Will campaign aims to depict women and their declarations in overcoming doubt and setbacks related to their womanhood. 

For the month of November, Under Armour gives emphasis to the #WomenofWill campaign via the “Women of Will Wednesdays” which is a series of Yoga sessions every Wednesdays at the Urban Ashram Yoga in BGC. With the PSGS Foundation as its beneficiary, the WOW Wednesdays is also in support for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in celebration for all #WomenofWill who uses the active lifestyle and sports in successfully fighting against breast cancer.

How do you get the chance to join these weekly Yoga sessions? Simple! Your Php3,500 worth of purchase from the Under Armour BGC store, inclusive of a Power in Pink (PIP) product, entitles you to a free 2-class pass. Limited FREE slots are also available via a sign-up at http://www.tripleready.com.

Some of my sports and lifestyle blogger friends got the chance to try it out last October 28 during the Women of Will Wednesdays launch at the Urban Ashram in BGC. Here are some photos:

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Make sure you get that chance to attend the yoga sessions and get the chance to free yourself from stress, sleep better and a shot to live a better life just like what my friends experienced.

See you all every Wednesday starting tomorrow until November 25 at the WOW Wednesdays! Cheers!

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