The Urbanears Active Hellas

Sometime in March, I received at no cost, the Urbanears Active Hellas wireless headphones. In exchange is my promise to use and provide feedback on the product afterwards. I have shared the press release and features of the product on a previous post which you can check HERE.

Nowabout two months after, here is my honest and unbiased review of the product. Read on! 😉

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The Urbanears Active Hellas sounds surprisingly good for its modest price. It is delightfully lightweight and comfortable to wear too.

This Bluetooth headphone can wirelessly stream music or movie sound without the hindrance of a cable and there’s a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 14 hours of wireless playback between charges.

The sound quality for music is also very good. Music can be controlled using the finger-touch-swipe action on one ear with an LED indicator on top –  the volume via a swipe up/down action, next/previous track selection via a swipe to the left or right, play/pause  via a single/double tap and touch-hold for a few seconds to power on/off.

It is attractively designed, lightweight, sweat-proof and with a removable headband and earpads that are washable. I especially like the white and blue color combination of the product that was sent to me. It’s pretty comfortable too (for on-ear) and stays on my head securely, even while running.

The material of the earpads is slightly rough though and the Bluetooth pairing with my Sony Xperia Z3 sometimes has sound interruption when the phone is placed inside my bag. However, this may be a case to case basis depending on the Bluetooth implementation in smartphones. The sound interruption however, was not encountered when the headphone was paired with two different notebook brands. The headband can easily fall off if not properly inserted in the frame maybe owing to the fact that it’s removable for easy cleaning/washing.

I let my daughter use it whenever she is watching her favorite series or movies and she too is amazed to hear sound details not present in her old wired headphones. I am afraid that she has gotten so comfortable with it and might ask that I give it to her permanently. 🙂

In conclusion, for me, the Urbanears Active Hellas are an appealing set of wireless workout headphones that can also be used for running and everyday use. For its price of Php5,250, it is worth the investment. Mine still looks like it has just been unboxed from the package.

The Urbanears Active Hellas can be purchased from any of the following stores in the country – 

Astroplus | Astrovision | Automatic Center Banana Telecom | Beyond the Box | Bratpack BZB Gadget Hive | DigiHub | Digital Walker District 32 | Egghead | Electroworld | Fashion Rack Globe | Gadgets @ Xtreme | iCenter | iGig iLiberty Tech Gadgets and Accessories | Islands and More | iStore | iStudio | Listening Room | Mobile 1 Odyssey | Pound It | Powerhub | Rustan’s Dept. Store Samsung | Secret Fresh | Senco Link | SM Music & Video | Switch | Tackthis | The A-Shop | Urban Athletics Urban Gadgets | Wellworth Department Store.

Learn more about this product by visiting

*The Urbanears Active Hellas was provided to this blogger for free but no compensation was received in exchange for this review.


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