Bday Month Treat #4: 3 For 3!

Hello folks! As my birthday month winds down to its last days, I present to you my fourth and final birthday treat which I have taken to calling “3 For 3”. Why the name? Because in this promo, there will be THREE winners who will each receive FREE race kits for three Runrio races:

    1. The PCPF Run with Doctors – May 1 (Race Category choices for free kit: 3km, 5km or 10km)
    2. The CCF Run – May 7 (Race Category choices for free kit: 3km, 5km or 10km)
    3. The Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Run (Runrio Series Manila Leg 1) – May 15 (Race category choices for free kit: 5km or 10km)

So what does one needs to do to win? EASY!

1. Post a comment in this blog post with the answer to the question: “How should runners celebrate their birthdays?”
Sample answers: “Celebrate with a carbo-loading party!” or “Celebrate it as a non-runner would and forget all about running for the meantime!”

2. Keep your answer as short as possible (no need to tell a story!). The top three creative answers will win the prize! 

3. Please remember that each commenter can only submit ONE entry and thus can only win ONCE. All succeeding entries will have to be disqualified.

4. All entries will only be accepted until 12MN of Wednesday, March 30.

5. The three winning entries will be chosen by THREE Runrio representatives and will be announced on the night of Thursday, March 31.

But wait here is an added treat!

Take a guess on the exact date of my birthday and post it as a part of your entry (enclosed in parentheses). 😉 All those who will get to guess the correct date will be included in a raffle (via to determine another winner to receive three sets of race kits.

For this additional treat, even those who were chosen to win the first promo can have another chance of winning provided they will be able to guess my birthdate correctly. TIP: Be resourceful. If you seek you will find. 😉

Oh, isn’t birthdays supposed to be fun? And what fun do I get being able to give even as I also receive! Thank you, thank you folks for all your birthday greetings and wishes. I look forward to spending another chapter of my life as it is said to begin at 40!