Congratulations to the WINNERs of my Bday Month Treat #2 Contest!

Yes there are winnerS! From the original announcement of only ONE winner to be picked for my Bday Month Treat #2 Contest – Bodivance’s “Why I love sports” promo, the good people from Bodivance advised me that they are picking THREE! Yey! This maybe because they were glad of the overwhelming response this blog contest has generated. So now folks without further ado, let me share with you the grand winner, the first-runner-up and the second runner-up to this exciting contest:

Grand Winner: NELSON VAL CARO, JR.
Prize: 1 80ml Bodivance Bottle, 1 Shirt, 1 Bag,

1st runner up: JIE MAURICIO
Prize: 20 pcs. 5ml Bodivance Sachet

2nd runner up: CARLO CHUA
Prize: 10 pcs. 5ml Bodivance Sachet

Congratulations Nelson, Jie and Carlo. Please expect somebody from Bodivance to get in touch with you with information on how you could claim your prizes.

And to all of you who send entries but were not as lucky, congratulations and my sincerest thanks for never tiring in joining whatever contest I come up with here in my blog.

Super thanks goes to the people from BODIVANCE who made my Bday Month Treat #2 contest possible! 😉

Curious to know what entries made Nelson, Jie and Carlo win? Check out their entries from my post HERE.

P.S. : My Bday Month Treat #3 closes in less than an hour. Hurry and post an entry HERE now while there is still time. 🙂


One more week to go for the Bodivance “Why I love sports” PROMO

Hey folks! Last week, I posted about my second birthday treat here in my blog, entitled the Bodivance “Why I Love Sports” Promo. To get a chance to win a gift pack from Bodivance (bodivance cream, bag and shirt), one has only to post a comment in answer to the question, “Why do I love sports?”.

As the contest is to last for two weeks before a winner is chosen, you can still post answers as this week represents the final week of the promo. Next week, I will have to introduce you to Bday Treat #3. Yey!

So to join my Bday Treat #2 contest, visit my post HERE and post your comment/entry.

Good Luck everyone! *xoxo*

Bday Month Treat #2: BODIVANCE’s “Why I love sports” Promo

Hello folks! Birthdays are not just for receiving, it can be celebrated even better with giving too! So here’s a second treat on my birthday month. Read on for the mechanics. 😉

1.Post a short line of comment in this particular blog post about what sports you like and why you like it.
Example: “I love running because it gives me and my family extra bonding time when we run every Sunday morning.” or
“I love cycling because I get to witness beautiful sceneries, get a gush of fresh air and feel free every time I compete out of town.” or
“I love swimming because I get to exercise without aggravating my knee injury from my other land sport.”

2.Promo will run for 2 weeks, from March 2 (today) until 12MN of March 16.

3. ONE winner will be picked for this promo.

4. Winning entry will be judged according to value interest.

5. The Marketing and Communications Team of Bodivance will be the one to judge the winning entry.

6. Winning entry will receive 1 80ml Bodivance pump bottle, 1 Bodivance Shirt, 1 Bodivance Sports Bag.

 7. The winning entry will be announced a few days after March 16.

Want to learn more about Bodivance as a product? Click HERE to view my previous post on Bodivance or visit their official site :

Thank you to Bodivance for this opportunity to be able to give another treat to visitors of this blog! 🙂

Run 10KM at the Runrio Trilogy Leg 1: Run United 1 Race for FREE

Almost two days more to go and we bid goodbye to February and move forward to 2011. It is already the month of March on Tuesday and it makes me giddy with excitement because it is my “Birthday Month”. Oh and what makes this Birthday Month all the more exciting is that this is the year that I turn the great 4-0! Yep, i turn FORTY this year, OLD na eh? 😛

I have initially planned and wished to be able to run my first ever full marathon this year – at the TBR Dream Marathon on the 20th in fact. But then again, the demands of work, the call of being mom to four kids (two of which are graduating – one from High School, one from Elementary School; one who will be entering school and the last one an 8-month old who still needs all the care and attention i can give) and some health problems, told me to find other means to celebrate “life begins at 40”.

And how could I complain when I have been getting challenging and new experiences almost everyday since this year opened. So instead of sulking, I look forward to a great 2011 full of hopes still of being able to finally get that precious time for running training and yes, that opportunity to being able to run my first every 42km.

Now back to March being my Birthday month! I believe that birthdays are always for celebrations and also gifts! But then since I would like my foray to the world of “40ish women” to be a little bit special, I thought it might be good – great even – if I will be the one giving these gifts. 😉 Gifts that when given, will also be taken with great value by the one receiving it. So here goes my first batch of gifts: 5 10-km Race Kits for RUNRIO TRILOGY LEG 1: RUN UNITED 1 (RACE BIB and D-TAG only).

Yep folks! When everybody thought it is all over, no more chance in getting hold of a 10km slot to this race, here is another crack at it. Get a chance to be one of 5 lucky runners who will by all means get to run the 10km after all!

So what should you do to get one of these 5 kits? Simple!

1. Post a comment in this blog post with the answer to the question: “What race feature/s matters most to you as a runner?”
Sample answers: “It will have to be the race route!” or “The race categories are the most important feature of any race for me!”

2. Keep your answer as short as possible (no need to tell a story!). There will be no correct or wrong answers.

3. As you keep your answer short, please also remember that each commenter can only submit ONE entry and thus can only win ONCE. All succeeding entries will have to be disqualified.

4. Since the race will happen on Sunday, March 6 already, entries will only be accepted until 12MN of Monday, February 28.

5. The five winning entries will be chosen via random sampling (using and will be announced within Tuesday, March 1.

Take note though that my gift will only be the race bib and d-tag, no singlet and no Unilab Kit (since these are out of stock already). But then these are the essential contents of the kit that will make a runner good to participate in the 10km race and if and when he finishes, be eligible to receive the finisher’s kit and see the results under his/her name.

And one last thing, the lucky five will have to PROMISE ME that they will truly use the kits and participate on the 10km run come race day. Why? There are a lot out there who unfortunately were not able to register for any Run United 1 race slots and it will be a shame if one were given this other chance to finally run and then not use it.

Many thanks to Runrio, Inc. for my five complimentary race kits. 🙂