3k Blue Water Day Spa Run + FLU = 3k PR

It wasn’t a perfect event alright, what with the initial issues on registration and then on loot bags come race day. But for a maiden race with a lot of friendly celebrities in attendance, you could at the end smile and say it was still worth it. For one, the race proper was almost perfect given that technically, it was a “Runrio race”. The non-technical aspect though could have some improvements but for a race which offered runners a post-race massage for free, Figaro coffee, Easy Phamax Wheatgrass and Bibingcrepe samplings plus a slew of other freebies that can be claimed from the various sponsor booths, who’s complaining? And mind you, I will also say that for an organizer to address the runners and explain about the loot bags boo-boo post-race is a welcome fact. They could have erred, but they just didn’t silently let it pass right?

So well, going back to the race, I went to the Mall of  Asia undecided if I will be running the 3k I registered in or to just enjoy the event as an expectator. You see folks, I caught the flu virus on Friday and was really feeling lethargic from then on. But seeing the 10k runners giddy on the starting line, I thought that I am crazy to just let it all pass and watch from the sidelines.

Hoping that the 3k run and the sweating will make me feel better, I proceeded to the starting chute right after the 5k runners were sent off. The route was the same as that of the Rexona and NBA Fit races so I was able to psyche myself  when to take it slow and increase my speed in a bit. I was all-throughout on the lookout for any not-so-good signs that my body might be sending out as a message for me to stop. But luckily, apart from the heavy breathing (which I pinpoint to be due to diminished endurance), there was no discomfort or feeling os unease. I finished my uneventful 3k with a better time eversince I got back to running. Still not the best 3k time one runner might wish to have but still a PR for me and with a Flu at that! :)

I enjoyed the post-race activities not by participating in any of it but from just watching – the massage area, photo booth and the booths with free product samplings were a hit. At the  main event area, at the stage, there were parlor games (I thought that the Sam Milby look-alike contest was a riot, funny really!), Pinoy Laugher Yoga (which is somehing new to me) and the much awaited presentation and awarding of the Jazz-up your singlets winners.

On the sidelines, runners were having a great time posing with accomodating celebrities Karylle, Mikaela Lagdameo, Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide (whho speaks very funny Filipino) and the seemingly shy but super handsome Sam Milby.  Oh, yep and not to frget our very own rockstar, coach Rio dela Cruz.

Overall, boo-boos or not, I am sure everyone had their own share of nice stories to tell about this event. I am looking forward to participating in another Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run in a the future, albeit an improved version but another fun, fun edition still.

Congratulations to all the Winners and to all those who participated in this first ever Blue Water Day Spa race. For those of you who were not there, below are the pictures. Enjoy!

people enjoyed going around the spacious activity area

this one's a super hit, a Blue Water Day Spa massage for free!

this one is the hands-down winner for having the longest line in the whole activity ares, a lot of runners are still in-line even as Rio and I are preparing to leave!

a video booth!

Fruit Magic and Hungry Juan, hay!

and oh, the Figaro Sampling booth!

the winners tent and the prizes

the Sam Milby look-alike hopefuls! wahaha!

Sam Milby, Daniel Matsunaga and Fabio Ide

the Jazz-up Your Singlet participants

Sam and Karylle

Pinoy Laughter Yoga - i never knew there was such a thing

excellent Kulit host, Boom Labrusca

View more pictures HERE.

A Message from Blue Water Day Spa


Here is a message from the management and organizers in relation to the Innovating Wholeness: The 1st Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run. Read on! ;)

Dear Blue Water Day Spa Run Participants,

First of all, thank you very much for your heartwarming support to the first Blue Water Day Spa Run held yesterday morning at Mall of Asia.  Being our first run, we have tried our utmost to ensure that the runners have a good, fun, relaxing experience by providing activities such as the Jazz Up Your Singlet,  Celebrity Participation — Sam Milby, Karylle Tratlonghari, Michaela Lagdameo, Boom Labrusca and Kiko Rustia among others.  We also had sampling from Figaro and Easy Phamax Wheatgrass. 

Although the event came out a big success, we acknowledge that there are some things we can still improve on for the next run — the loot bags for the 3k run had very little goodies. The main reason for this is that some partners and sponsors were not able to come and set up or deliver the items due to the anticipated storm today and the heavy rains yesterday.  We sincerely apologize for this  (but at the same time  thankful that the storm changed its course). Hopefully you were still able to gather freebies from the other sponsor/exhibitor booths as you went around the activity area post-race.

We hope that this will not hinder you from joining next years race and we will work even harder to ensure that we have a bigger and better race next year.

Blue Water Day Spa Run Management and Organizers


For the Blue Water Day Spa Innovating Wholeness Fun Run, it is said that “Good things come to those who wait.“. But then again, those who were prompt were left with regret and thinking that “The early bird catches the worm.” doesn’t almost always apply.

Hmm, I am referring to this GOOD NEWS for those who did not register early for this race and left early registrants saying – “How about us?“. :(

Well, here’s GREAT NEWS for early registrants! You should not be sad and regretful after all. It is because Blue Water Day Spa will be giving A FREE RACE KIT to all EARLY registrants*. What’s best, the free kit will be in ANY DISTANCE OF YOUR CHOICE.

So what do you have to do? Go to any of the registration centers, present your Acknowledgement Receipt (i believe you were issued one) and voila, you get your free kit! :)

Head on to the nearest registration center folks and see you on October 17 at the Blue Water Day Spa Innovating Wholeness Fun Run at the Mall of Asia complex.

Have fun running! ;)

*EARLY Registrants refer to those who registered to this event prior to the announced Promo Treat on Registration Fee. They were the ones who paid in full based on original announced fees. ;)

Special Treat for Runners from Blue Water Day Spa

Registration Fee is P300 from Oct 6 to 14! ;)

Ei folks! Blue Water Day Spa, in connection with their Innovating Wholeness Fun Run on October 17, 2010 will be giving the registration fees for all race distances on a sale price of P300 beginning tomorrow, Oct. 6 until Oct. 14.  This is to encourage the participating runners to jazz-up their singlets even more and take part in the related activity/contest (Jazz-up your singlets contest).  Hmm, this will be fun, fun, fun! ;)

All other race details and inclusion remains the same. To learn more about the said race, you can check out my post HERE or HERE.

The Blue Water Day Spa Blogger’s Night

As if the Encore event a couple of weeks ago wasn’t enough, the Blue Water Day Spa family together with Event King held a bloggers’ night in connection to their Blue Water Day Spa Innovating Wholeness Fun Run. In attendance were a good number of lifestyle and running bloggers. Also there was Blue Water Day Spa owner, Ms. Mary Simisim, celebrities Karylle and Boom Labrusca and Event King’s Princess Galura.

Boom and Karylle took time off from their scheds to be with the bloggers

What I initially thought of to be just the usual event briefing for bloggers was to be one good night spent with friends and acquaintances. There was a raffle of prizes aside from the usual dinner, photo-ops and of course the program proper.

bloggers pose with Ms. Mary (2nd from left, standing) and Princess (5th from left, in white)

Basically, the event was really meant to convey to runners and bloggers what is in store for would-be participants of the said event to happen on October 17. I gather that it is not just a race but a wellness expo as well. Several activity booths are to be set-up and if I am not mistaken, there will be around 50 booths to fill the whole activity area. Loot bags and freebies are also to be given-away to participants. Cool huh?

Oh, and mind you aside from Karylle and Boom, there are a number of other celebrities joining the said event too. There’s Sam Milby who I heard will be running the 3k, Fabio Ide, Daniel Matsunaga and pretty Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez. Oh and not to forget the running rockstar himself, Coach Rio dela Cruz. Wouldn’t it be fun having to run alongside these beautiful people? ;)

these celebs will be there on event day

Organizers Blue Water Day Spa and Event King, through this event, promises to prove to runners that  beauty and wellness do really go well together. After all, “Physical beauty comes with a healthy body.”

For more details about the race proper, visit my previous post HERE. In addition, below are event updates:

this event will have MOA's Seaside Block 12 as it's main site

yep! there will be 50 exhibitor and sponsor booths around the activity area


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