iamninoy Runners Movement – An Update

hand in hand in helping eliminate the education crisis

hand in hand in helping reverse the education crisis

As the iamninoy Runners Movement’s Steering Committee continues to move and make arrangements for the finalization of all pertinent details related to the group and its objectives, a major event was held in the afternoon of May 28, Thursday at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati.

iam ninoy runners movement members

iam ninoy runners movement members

On this day, iamninoy Runners Movement members (that includes me!) went to the venue, proudly wearing our iamninoy runners’ shirt, to witness the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the group and its beneficiary, the 57-75 Reverse the Education Crisis Movement.  This formalized the iamninoy runners group’s intent to help provide and improve the quality of education to the children of less privileged families.

The MOU signing was participated in by the heads of the companies that are a part of the consortium that formed the 57-75 Movement, the Benigno S. Aquino Foundation and the group’s Steering Committee, which was composed of Jaymie Pizarro (The Bull Runner), Rapa Lopa, Jamike and Mayi Lopa, Jake de Guzman, Drew Arellano and Francis Macatulad.

Jake de Guzman giving his speech ;)

Jake de Guzman giving his speech 😉

iamninoy Runners Steering Committee and 57-75 Movement convenors

After the formal signing, which was covered by representatives from the tv and print media, a short talk/presscon was started with Jake de Guzman opening it with an inspiring speech. The group’s Steering Committee and some convenors of the 57-75 movement openly answered all questions regarding the two movements and its objectives. During the said presscon, it was announced that several events are being lined-up for the year to further increase awareness and gather support. One such event which is currently on the drawing boards is targetted to happen on August 21, hero Ninoy Aquino’s death anniversary.

iamninoy runners

iamninoy runners

The iamninoy Runners are a group of professional and amateur runners affiliated with the iamninoy movement. Coming from all walks of life, iamninoy Runners will participate in regular running events—and occasionally mount races of their own—to raise funds for a worthy cause. To become a member, one will just have to pay a donation of 500 pesos which will go to a fund to be used to buy textbooks for children in public schools, build schools and help provide nutrition to school children. In return, each person who will sign-up for membership will be given an iamninoy runners’ shirt, the same one that we are wearing during the said event and during our training runs or everytime we participate in races.

iamninoy runners shirt

To know more about the movement or to join, click here.

Oh, and as an update, for those who have already signed-up online and are wondering what to do/what happens next, the steering committee are now also finalizing the registration process which will initially be held at the Rudy Project Store in Bonifacio High Street, The Fort. The shirts to be given away are already available and will be released once registration at the said venue is opened. Don’t fret folks, target for this is this month of June. 😉

More photos:

jaymie, the bull runner answering a qestion abt women runners ;)

jaymie, the bull runner answering a question abt women runners 😉

during the presscon

during the presscon

jun, jay and marga having a light moment

jun, jay and marga having a light moment

mayi, jaymie, jay, marga and jun

mayi, jaymie, jay, marga and jun


I Am Ninoy Runners UPDATE


There was an overwhelming response after the soft launch of the I Am Ninoy Runners group at the Condura Run 2009. Although some may have noticed some sort of a lull with regards to public exposure, there were actions being done “behind the scenes” for the group to be able to continue creating awareness to its cause, increased participation and thus meet its eventual goals.

Todate, these are the status of the I Am Ninoy Runners movement as sent to us via email by Ms. Mayi Lopa (thanks Mayi!) :

1.  As of this writing, the total number of people who registered on-line and want to join in our cause is 236.   So including our original batch of 50, we now have a total membership base of 286 runners.

2.  Rudy Project has agreed to be our apparel sponsor.  They are currently producing the shirts and we should be getting them by May. They have also agreed to use their stores as venues for registration and fulfillment centers for the shirts.  We are also planning to come out with singlets.

3.  Together with 5775 Movement, we will open sometime this week the bank account for all the funds we raise.  All One-time registration fees to our group, sponsorships, as well as pledges made on our behalf will be deposited to this account.   Details of these will also be posted on our website for everyone to see.

For those who have registered to be part of the group, please stand-by for the details on how, when and where you are to finalize your membership. You will be advised of this via email and updates will be posted in the movement’s websites.

For those who would want further information or better understanding regarding the I Am Ninoy Runners group or the I Am Ninoy movement per se, please find time to visit the official site by clicking here.

Run and be a hero, join the I Am Ninoy Runners group. 🙂

I Am Ninoy Runners

“Build Mileage
Build Endurance
Build Schools
I am a Runner
I am a Hero

If you were at the Condura Run 2009 yesterday, running or not, you may have seen the above-captioned phrases printed on the back of the yellow shirts of several runners.  This stand as some sort of a battlecry of the I Am Ninoy Runners, a new running group for a cause that was launched at the said foot race.

I Am Ninoy Movement

I Am Ninoy

I Am Ninoy

The I Am Ninoy Runners is an offshoot of the I Am Ninoy movement which was organized last year. The movement is not political in nature but a campaign to bring out the hero in every Filipino. It’s core message is the selfless giving of the best of ourselves for our countrymen and women and the advancement of the country as a whole.

I Am Ninoy Runners Group

I Am Ninoy Runners

I Am Ninoy Runners

I have been lucky enough to be invited to be one of the first members of this group which is composed of professional and amateur runners. The I Am Ninoy Runners wants to help address the deterioration of the Philippines’ educational system through the simple act of wearing the I Am Ninoy Runner’s shirt during a run or other occasion. How do we raise funds out of that? The campaign is designed to gather institutions and/or individuals as sponsors in every race that we participate in. All donations go directly to charity which will be a specific public school at each race, the Aquino family or its foundation will not receive a single centavo.

For the I Am Ninoy Runners, one doesn’t have to give up his/her life like Ninoy to be a hero. A simple act of kindness, is enough. And what a best way to become one is to do what we are passionate about – running. We satisfy our love for running and become a hero to the thousands of children who want to learn and have a better life.

I Am Ninoy Runners with friends

I Am Ninoy Runners with friends

Interested already? The I Am Ninoy Runners are accepting new members. Visit the I Am Ninoy Runners’ site to get to know about the group more and for details on how to become a member. Click here if you want further information regarding the I Am Ninoy Movement.

Note : Many thanks to Ms. Mayi Lopa and Ms. Jaymie Pizarro for the invitation to become part of this group. 🙂