Happy 20th Anniversary MIZUNO WAVE RIDER!

Mizuno has done it again – prove that it is always true to its “Never Settle” manifesto, that is! For 20 years, it has been said that the company has worked tirelessly to develop the Wave Rider model – incorporating both big and small improvements in material, design and technology, to make it one of the best running shoes in the market and to become the runner’s choice that it is today.

I am just so glad to have been able to experience this continuous history and legacy by being a proud owner of different versions of a Mizuno Wave Rider pair!

thank you so much Mizuno for my very own pair, I love it!

thank you so much Mizuno for my very own pair, I love it!

Now for its 20th anniversary, let us look back to the evolution of the Wave Rider and check to see its latest version, the model that packs a punch. I have been gifted by Mizuno with a pair and I am honestly delighted to be able to try it on for some mileage!

Read on and know more about Mizuno’s Wave Rider!


Mizuno, true to its ‘never settle’ manifesto, has worked tirelessly for the past 20 years to develop the Wave Rider 20 into the runner’s choice that it is today. In celebration of the culmination of improvements, some big and some small, in material, design and technology, Mizuno’s restless pursuit of perfection is obvious. There remains some semblance from the original design but ultimately the Wave Rider has improved year on year and continues to impress even the purest of runners.


Part of the research and developmental process for the Wave Rider was critically listening to feedback. The most significant example is a consumer study known as Kansei Engineering, which is a Japanese product philosophy that simulates the buying
experience for runners. The ultimate result of this was finding out exactly what athletes were looking for when purchasing their next running shoe. The ability to embrace innovation and also adapt to feedback is what has made Mizuno’s Wave Rider 20 the
success that it is today.



You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. When originally conceived, the Wave Rider was but a shadow of today’s contemporary industry leading shoe. Weighing in at 365g, it paved the way for its descendants to adhere to the Wave Rider’s principle development strategy of “just what you need and nothing more.” The very first Wave Rider struggled to gain a following, but it was exactly this that lead Mizuno to make the changes that have sculpted the latest incredibly successful model. Through intensive developments and improvements year on year, the Wave Rider 20 weighs just 290g, and is a far cry from the original.

PARALLEL WAVE TECHNOLOGYscreen-shot-2017-02-15-at-9-49-14-am
A prime example of Mizuno’s quest for cutting edge is its innovative design. The Wave Rider 6 enhanced its series when the plastic Wave design was replaced by a softer composite resulting in a smoother heel strike. Not satisfied with just improving the design of the shoe, part of the Wave Rider 12 was made from Castor Oil which significantly reduced Mizuno’s carbon footprint helping benefit the planet. Today, the Wave Rider 20’s Parallel Wave offers the perfect amount of cushion and energy dispersion,
allowing the foot to move in its natural motion. Perfect for neutral-foot types who don’t need as much support, the wave plate disperses the impact forces evenly throughout the midsole and keeps the foot centered on the shoe’s platform.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 20 features the new Cloud Wave, U4ic and U4icX, and an engineered mesh to better its predecessors.

Cloud Wave
The new cloud wave plate shape incorporates the same Mizuno Wave Plate technology with a different concave and convex shape, offering a more cloud like run that provides a softer landing and the smoothest possible transition through toe-off,

U4ic and U4icX
The Wave Rider 20 utilizes the 2 types of U4ic cushion, more responsive and lighter material with the U4ic mid-sole for a smooth ride and a softer U4icX at the heel area to absorb impact.

Triple Zone engineered mesh
The Wave Rider 20 maintains Mizuno’s classic fit while also featuring a breakthrough in Triple Zone engineered mesh that provides breathability, movement and hold throughout the run.


Unboxing my pair (compliments from Mizuno) and having a first try, here are my impressions: 

  • similar to most of the Mizuno pairs I have, the Wave Rider 20 has a light feel
  • it is comfortable maybe owing to the fact that it uses the 2 types of U4ic cushion
  • it is breathable
  • it still has that spacious toe box that I like in Mizuno shoes
  • I love the design, especially how even the “20” on the heel will reflect at night 
  • it is stable (thanks to the Mizuno Wave Plate technology)

To find out more about the Mizuno Wave Rider 20, visit any of the Mizuno stores in thePhilippines, or visit the Mizuno Philippines Website.(mizuno.ph) Be updated on the Mizuno activities in the Philippines by following the Mizuno Running Facebook page and the MizunoPh Instagram account.


Mizuno’s Newest Wave Sayonara 4 NOW OUT!

Mizuno’s newest version of their Wave Sayonara shoe line, the WAVE SAYONARA 4, is now available in the market and here is the official word from Mizuno about this shoe model, read on!



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Mizuno’s dedication to provide innovative products is the soul of the company’s motto to Never Settle. The latest in Mizuno performance shoes now has its best upgrade. Mizuno has blurred the lines between race day and everyday training in this performance, neutral shoe. With a sleek fit and low-profile midsole, this lightweight,responsive shoe is perfect to go fast.

The Wave Sayonara 4 is best for the competitive runner who wants a lightweight shoe that can bring their performance to the next level of running experience. The dynamic feel and updated cushioning will make you want to run fast and run endlessly.

The U4ic midsole and blown rubber in the forefoot makes a lightweight structure that is combined with Mizuno Dynamotion Fit technology that provides a unique running experience.

The new version features a 10mm drop from heel to toe is expected to be lighter than it looks, while X10 rubber on the outsole also provides for longer lasting traction. The upper design features a functional aesthetic when it comes to the secure fit of the shoe with the 3D printed lines on the lateral an medial side of the shoes, combined with the stitched in logo, and a toe guard to avoid water from accumulating in the forefoot area.

If you are looking for a pair of racing shoes that will get you through training and race day, then the Wave Sayonara 4 is the perfect partner to lace-up with and take you through further distances. Marathon’s will become your new best friend.

The Wave Sayonara 4 is Eduardo Vertek Buenavista’s choice of footwear in preparation for the Milo Marathon Finals on December 4, 2016. Defining the shoe as a racing and training shoe, Vertek is positive about his performance in the upcoming marathon and looks forward to the consistent cushioning and durability of his own Mizuno shoes. View Vertek’s video in this address to know more about Mizuno and Vertek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nnowZDPmlI

Just released: The Mizuno Wave Creation 18

Now on its 100th year as a company, it seems like Mizuno is bent on making its presence felt in the running community through a series of valuable contributions. After releasing the latest versions of the Wave Rider (19) and Wave Inspire (12), they have recently released a new version in their Wave Creation line, the Wave Creation 18.


These new releases only validates the fact that Mizuno’s notable contribution to the running community has always been the development of high-quality products that function well with exactly what serious runner needs. 

From the recently-held short test run with Team Mizuno wherein we were given our own pair of the Wave Creation 18, here are my initial take aways:

  • Unboxing the shoes, I shall give credit to Mizuno for consistently coming up with exciting color combinations. Mine was in bold colors of diva pink, black and yellow. I am not much into pink and would have preferred the other color way of capri, diva pink and blue but the pair I got elicited glances everytime I wear it and will definitely be a favorite for women runners who are on a lookout for eye candy colors on a shoe.
  • At first fit, I felt outright comfortable with the pair. It has a mesh upper that is breathable. It was occasionally drizzling when we had a test run and my feet did not get wet. Hopefully this will still ring true for running in the rain.
  • The shoe, maybe because it is designed for large runners, is not as narrow as the other Mizuno shoe line. From the toe box, the midsection and up to the heel counter, the shoe is a bit wide for me who has narrow feet. But not to worry as all I had to do is make sure that I pull the shoe laces tight enough for a comfortable and snug feel. For those who have narrow feet like me, I suggest that you try one in your actual feet size as this might provide the perfect fit for you.
  • The cushioning is firm and can be felt especially on the heel area.


Overall we had a nice short test run, enough for us to get an initial feel of the shoe. It is a shoe that will work for me on short runs and I look forward to being able to try it on long runs and on different surfaces like on wet roads, on the track and on light trails as the Wave Creation 18 is said to be designed to be enjoyed while running anywhere. 


The Mizuno Wave Creation 18 is now available in Mizuno Stores in the Philippines.

*Thank you to the people of Mizuno Philippines for inviting me to the Wave Creation 18 test run and for providing me with a complimentary pair.


Recently Released: Mizuno’s Wave Rider 19 and Inspire 12 Running Shoes

that's my pair, in pink! ;)

that’s my pair, in pink! 😉

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to have been invited to the blogger’s launch of two of Mizuno’s latest running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Rider 19 and the Mizuno Inspire 12.

As part of the launch, we were gifted with our own pair of shoes and was able to try it on for a short 2km run. I received a Rider 19 pair which made it possible for me to feel what difference it brings as compared to the last Mizuno Wave Rider pair that I have been using – the Rider 17.

My initial impressions were:

  • the current colorways are more attractive to the eyes – the pair I have is perfect to use when running on the road at night
  • the toe box and the mid-section of the shoe, although still narrow – have been made a little wider, giving more comfortable space for the feet and the toes! truly a snug fit.
  • the shoe’s cushion is softer but firm and responsive. It’s the kind of soft that still maintains its form and stability.
  • the shoe’s upper is made of a thin mesh material, it is so thin that I can even see through it – for me, this spells more breathability as air can get through the shoes more easily.

I have only tried running with the pair I have twice (including the 2km test run we did during the launch) but I am generally happy with the pair. It gave me a comfortable ride.

Bloggers and Team Mizuno after the test run

Bloggers and Team Mizuno after the test run

For more details, check the below information from the press kit. Thank you very much to Mizuno for providing me a free pair.



Introduction to Mizuno Science

The Mizuno brand has been tirelessly working on its products for more than 100 years, starting from golf clubs and baseball sundries to becoming the international multi-sport brand that it is today.

This year, Mizuno showcases its dedication to innovation with Mizuno Science, which focuses on how Mizuno technology can help you better your best.

Elite runner, two-time Olympian and Philippine Record holder for numerous long distance running times from 3km to 42km, Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista has decided to start using Mizuno running shoes.

He recently told us in an interview that ”ang napansin ko sa hitogami, from start to finish ganon pa rin epekto niya, hindi nagbabago, di katulad ng iba kong ginamit na nawawala ang cushion, niya, ngayon lang ako nakagamit ng ganyan katibay ang cushion at matatag din pantakbo.”

What I noticed with the hitogami, from start to finish, the effect remains the same. It did not change(cushioning), not like others(shoes) that I have used, the cushioning changes. Only now have I used shoes with cushion that is this durable and stable for running. – Eduardo Vertek Buenavista (August 4 2016)

To add to the credibility of Mizuno Science, Vertek won the Manila leg of the Milo Marathon using the Wave Hitogami 2, which uses a parallel wave plate.

Mizuno Wave Tester


the Mizuno Wave Tester

To show us the literal difference of Mizuno Science, the brand introduces the Mizuno Wave Tester. This platform will let you test out the difference between shoe cushioning with the Mizuno Wave Plate and shoe cushioning with regular shoe foam.
The Mizuno Wave Plate technology makes your run stable on every stride. It focuses on dispersing the impact forces away from your feet instead of just absorbing the impact, while also stabilizing the contact of your foot to the ground. This helps you prevent injury, and have a more enjoyable run.

This is also the reason why Mizuno shoes with the Wave Technology have consistent and stable cushioning, even for longer distances.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

On its 19th version, Mizuno has developed a heel to toe transition that is light, firm and responsive, with improved softness and flexibility for the structure of the shoe, a new U4icX midsole and 2 mm thicker strobel board for added comfort.

U4icX is one of the new improvements with the Mizuno Wave Rider 19. This technology gives the mid-sole cushion a more responsiveness, creating a more responsive ride on every stride.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 19 also offers a snug fit in the toe box area to avoid creating heat from friction.

The Wave Rider 19 comes in Blue and Yellow for men. Pink and blue for women.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12


The new version of the Inspire 12 has precision support with responsive ride and superb performance in the stability category. A must try sensation for any over-pronator.

Mizuno changed the heel geometry of the Wave Inspire 12, taking out the SR Touch foam and replacing it with a new compound that is indicated as U4ic X, thicker than its predecessor at approximately 36mm in the midsole. There is also an added layer of sock liner to provide added cushioning.

The Inspire 12 comes in Black, Dark Blue, and Yellow for men. Pink and teal for women.

Mizuno Wave Rider 17

The first and only time I owned a pair of Mizuno running shoes was back in 2008 when I felt that Mizuno and my feet unfortunately did not click. But then again, they said that usually, second time’s a charm! So here I am (or shall i say, “here;s my feet”), taking a chance on another Mizuno pair, after about six years – the Wave Rider 17:


I can now gladly tell you, that yes, second time is definitely a charm for me and my M2 (that’s Mizuno No. 2 for me, folks!). There are a lot of things I like in this new pair, which was incidentally given to me by the peeps from Mizuno Philippines (thankie!!!):

  • it’s color – not as boring as before
  • it’s weight – definitely lighter than my Mizuno #1 or yep you got it, M1
  • it’s cushioning – i feel comfy and for someone who has Plantar Fasciitis, no pain, ever!
  • it’s sockliner – comfortable and soft, i can even use it without wearing a pair of socks!

Suffice to say, it was worth reconnecting with the brand again which, I was told, did a number of improvements to the Wave Rider. I have been running in them on my few “me-time” runs and on my first few “comeback” organized runs oh and not to forget, I have been wearing it during work where I am usually found rushing, running from one point to another. That’s sports events organizing is folks, at the end of each event, I more often than not, feel like I run a half-marathon myself. My M2 have been a great companion on those physically-taxing moments. 

For more on the Mizuno Wave Rider 17, which Mizuno claims as the “best Wave Rider ever” (lucky me!), read on the below presser. Cheers!


Wave Rider 17

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Lighter, Faster Evolution
Performance Without Compromise
*Cushioning & Comfort*
*Light & Fast*
*A Go-to Speedy Shoe For Neutral Runners*
*Authentic Japanese Innovation*

The Wave Rider is symbolic of Mizuno’s constant quest to make better running shoes. In its 17th incarnation, the Wave Rider incorporates a number of new technologies aimed at securing its position as the go-to shoe for everyday runners. Always evolving, constantly progressing, the Wave Rider 17 is the best Wave Rider yet.

A major part of every Mizuno running shoe, SmoothRide technology has evolved, and Mizuno treadmill tests found that the Wave Rider 17 provides a 27 percent improvement compared to its predecessor.

The new SmoothRide forefoot radius makes for a silky smooth transition. With a rounded sole, the landing position is closer to the centre of the ankle and the foot that reduces the momentum of pronation so the landing becomes smoother. And, as the first contact area is bigger, there’s more stability too.

Wave Rider 17 has been refreshed from heel to toe – cushioned and comfortable yet light and fast. Mizuno’s new midsole material U4iC, introduced last season, is 30 per cent lighter than AP+, yet it retains the same characteristics of ride, cushioning and comfort that you’ve come to expect from Mizuno running shoes – and weighs in at a performance-enhancing 250g.

The upper and sole gently support and protect your feet with a dissolving fit you’ll barely notice. The Dynamotion Fit™ means your foot is held in place, with support coming from the internal welding allowing for freedom of design and less fuss on the outside, too. Seamless overlays in the upper also provide increased comfort.

On the inside, the new premium sockliner offers a springy and softer feel for superior comfort and support. And on the outside the blown rubber in the forefoot replaces heavier carbon rubber of past models and gives some extra traction.


  • SRP 4,995.00
  • Weight: 250g/210g
  • 12/24mm Ramp


  • New U4iC (pronounced ‘euphoric’) midsole: more cushioning for 50g less weight.
  • SmoothRide evolution: updated technology in the forefoot for a faster and a smoother transition.
  • Blown rubber forefoot: extra cushioning and comfort.
  • Seamless upper: minimal overlays reduce the weight while continuing to provide a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Premium sockliner: softer and springier for even more comfort.

Meet the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 10!


Mizuno’s premier stability running shoe, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10, is now available here in the Philippines! Considered as one of the most dynamic stability shoes available in the market today, it is said to become well-loved by runners with moderate over-pronation.

View the video below or read on for the technical specs or check out http://www.mizuno.ph/running/mizuno-wave-inspire-10 for more info.


  • Features:
    • U4ic midsole delivers lightweight, resilient cushioning.
    • Dissolving upper fit with new DMF execution and soft, supple mesh materials.
    • SmoothRide Engineered for a brilliant run.
    • Lateral Forefoot Sculpting for smooth touchdown and transition.
    • Blown rubber forefoot with deep flex grooves for optimal flexibility and cushioning.
  • Specifications:
    • Weight:9 oz
    • Colors:White/Red, Blue/White
    • Sizes:7-12
    • Style:410573

What if everybody ran?

MIZUNO has come up with an awesome new campaign that’s worth supporting.  The “What if everybody ran?” campaign (hashtag: #IfEverybodyRan) started with just a basic question for everybody. And really, have you every thought of seeing a nation where every person is a runner?  I bet our world will be a much better place to live in when that happens!

Here is an inspiring video that goes with the campaign, watch it and be encouraged to take that first step to running!

Oh and not only that, to boost the campaign, Mizuno has come up with a cool promo where winners can get to buy Mizuno Wave Rider shoes at an unbelievable price. Check the promo HERE or click on the photo to directly go to the Mizuno FB Page.