Running and the Women’s Sports Bra

For me, the most important gear a woman like me should have ready for running/mtbiking is none other than a SPORTS BRA.

I have seen some female runners who wear their ordinary everyday bra while running and it should not be the case. If we are very conscious enough to choose the right running shoe model for our feet, I do not see any reason why women will not invest more on the proper sports bra good for running.

Wearing a well-fitting sports bra with enough or more support will definitely contribute in our enjoying running (or mtbiking!) more and admit it, we look better in it while running (yes, even if it is just underneath our top!).

And that is what I think I would need to get. You see, the ones I currently have does not perfectly fit me anymore and thus it is time to search again for a new one.

Finding the perfect sports bra is not much of a challenge nowadays as there are a lot of brands that offer a variety of models. Unfortunately, the challenge is on how to find the perfect model and fit for well-endowed women.

But, fret not! I have found one which seems to pass my sports bra standards! Presenting, Moving Comfort’s FIONA Sports Bra:


Running and mtbiking are both high-impact sports and as such, women, especially the well-endowed ones will need not just compression but also encapsulation to ensure that support to the breasts are provided aside from just compression. This is my foremost requirement in finding the most suitable sports bra for me.

Moving Comfort, a brand which is currently also locally available, carries a model that will seem to perfectly fit my requirement. Let me share with you the features this product as I have found from the website

  • Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape
  • Interior front yoke limits vertical breast movement
  • Front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure for easy, custom-fit adjustability
  • Flattering exterior design lines add support and shape
  • Adjustable back closure for easy on/off and custom-fit adjustability
  • Full-medium cup size
  • Encapsulation/compression style
  • Moderate contour for slightly more shape and modesty
  • High impact, ideal for running, walking, climbing, cycling.
  • Fabric: Body-DriLayer® X-Support 88% polyester / 12% Lycra®

 From all these features, here are the things that I liked: 


  • Encapsulation/compression style- as I have earlier said, well-endowed women will need encapsulation more than compression. Encapsulation means that the bra will have individual cups that will surround and support each breast separately providing more support and comfort.


  • Adjustability – I like the fact that the bra can be adjusted on the straps or at the back closure because it will let create a more custom fit for me
  • Fabric – has the technology that wicks moisture, perfect for “sweating-it-out” activities
  • Perfect for use in high impact sports which includes my favorite running and mtbiking!


  • Color – available in a variety of attractive colors! 😉

As for me, I am pretty much sold to purchasing this product and I am happy that there is a chance that this exact model is locally available. But if not, I am just as happy that I can easily purchase it online.

Oh and not to forget, this product is also available in smaller cup sizes. So whether you are a cup B or some other bigger cup size, this one will still be good for you.

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