Mr Muscle’s “Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away” Promo is still on!

If you were able to drop by this blog the past weeks, you may have chanced upon my post about Mr Muscle’s Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away promo. It’s actually posted here.

The mechanic’s pretty simple, if you bought any of the four Mr Muscle products featured in the promo, just take a photo with the product (pose in the most creative way as you can!), upload it together with some of your personal details and a nice photo-caption, and voila! you have an entry which has the chance to win for you a Php500 Sodexo GC (as one of 10 winners for the week) and/or a trip for the family to Boracay or Singapore (as a grand prize winner)!

We use Mr Muscle at home as our household cleaning companion and I encouraged the adult members of the family to join the promo (there’s no harm in trying!). Know what? Out of 4 entries, 3 entries won in the weekly contest! Cool right?  

I won!

You can win like we did too! The promo’s still on until the first week of July so don’t waste your time! Take that photo now and submit it as an entry. 

To know more about the promo, you can check out my post about it here or you can go and visit Join now! 


Mr Muscle “Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away Promo”

Have you ever wondered if it is possible for you to have less time devoted to cleaning your home and more time for relaxing and enjoying life? With Mr Muscle®, yes you can! With the brand’s various products and its strong formula, you can get rid of both dirt and germs easily, giving you less time for cleaning!

What’s great is Mr Muscle®’s current promo – “Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away” – not only can you achieve less time for cleaning, but also, for a minimum purchase amount of only P83 of any Mr Muscle® products:

  • Mr Muscle® All Purpose Cleaner Lavender
  • Mr Muscle® Mold & Mildew
  • Mr Muscle® Power Toilet Cleaner
  • Mr Muscle® Glass & Multi Surface Fresh Cleaner

you can get a chance to win a trip to Boracay or Singapore! Plus, gift certificates worth P500 will be given-away with winners to be announced every week!

Want to know how? It just takes three easy steps!

Read below for the mechanics!

Promo Title: Clean Less, Live More with Mr. Muscle
Promo Duration: April 28 2017 to July 7 2017

Brief Description: This online promo is open to all Metro Manila residents who use Mr. Muscle products. In partnership with ABS-CBN, Mr. Muscle will reward those who choose to clean less in order to do more in life.

There will be a total of two hundred ten (210) weekly and three (3) grand prize winners for the whole campaign duration.

Products Covered:

  • Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner Lavender 1000ml
  • Mr. Muscle Mold & Mildew 500ml
  • Mr. Muscle Power Toilet Cleaner 500ml
  • Mr. Muscle Glass & Multi Surface Fresh Cleaner 500ml

Purchase Amount Required: At least eighty-three pesos (Php 83.00)

Who Can Join:

The promo is open to all male and female Filipino citizens, at least eighteen (18) years old, residing in Metro Manila, Philippines.
Upon redemption, participants must be able to show the actual product that was used in the photo and the receipt as proof of their purchase.

Participants must purchase any of the following variants with a minimum spend of Eighty-Three pesos (Php 83.00) to qualify:

  • Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner Lavender 1000ml
  • Mr. Muscle Mold & Mildew 500ml
  • Mr. Muscle Power Toilet Cleaner 500ml
  • Mr. Muscle Glass & Multi Surface Fresh Cleaner 500ml

How to Join:

  • Participants must visit the official promo microsite to read the full mechanics and terms and conditions.
  • Using any device, they can participate in an online raffle for a chance to get more out of life by winning any of the declared prizes. (Please see “Prizes with Specifications” for complete details).
  • Participants must register first by visiting and clicking the “join” tab. He/she will be directed to a registration page.
  • In the registration page, participant must fill in the following registration fields:
    • Full Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Cellphone Number
    • E-mail address
    • Complete Home Address
  • Participants will also be required to read the terms and conditions
  • They will be required to tick the “I have read and agree with the terms and conditions” box as part of the registration.
  • Participants should upload the two (2) images within, housed within to qualify for the daily raffle and grand judging.
    • Photo of themselves and/or their family members with a Mr. Muscle product
    • Receipt as proof of purchase
    • A caption with the hashtag #CleanLessLiveMore to accompany their photo that should not exceed 160 characters (not including the hashtag).
    • Photo entries should be in compliance with the product’s safety guidelines and should not show the product being used by children or around pets
  • Images will be housed in a gallery within
    • Image format – jpg or png / photo size – 800 x 600