The NEWTON Motion Ladies Stability Running Shoe and Me

In May of this year, I have blogged about having found a “new friend” in my pair of Newton Motion Ladies Stability Running Shoes. And now, over 6 months and counting, may I just say that the friendship is getting to be as closer as BFFs can be!


Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, I have been advised to try to find the perfect stability shoe that will help alleviate my condition. From all the available running shoe models I currently have, my pair of Newtons have been the “bestest friend” I can truly count on –helping me to still be able to run or even last whole days at work – may it be at the office or on the go – without the discomfort and pain that a Plantar Fasciitis injury brings to my soles.

So satisfied with my pair, I have checked the internet for more information on this particular Newton shoe model. The website says that the shoe is Newton’s “top-of-the-line stability performance trainer and is the ultimate shoe for natural running.”

Since this is the case, anyone wearing this Newton shoe model while running will find out that they are running with a more correct form and foot landing than any other running shoe models. Being able to run naturally provides for greater efficiency and hence, will enable you to run farther distances.

In addition, from May until now, my initial observations on this shoe has never changed:

  • it is light, my pair weighs a 8.7 ounces only
  • it has an open-air mesh that makes the foot breathable (i can see my socks from the outside!)
  • it does help me land on my midfoot

And guess what, I even got new reasons to like this model:


  • the succeeding edition of this shoe model comes in a very exciting orange and green color way!
  • It is said that it can perfectly fit orthotic insoles – perfect for those who needs to use customized insoles due to Plantar Fasciitis (like me!).

If you are one to check on the merits of a shoe based on its technical features, then check these out:



  • Highly breathable, fast-drying, open screen mesh
  • Minimal anatomical support strapping
  • Metatarsal stretch panels
  • Variable fit
  • Slip-proof laces with heel securing double eyelets
  • Reflective heel logo


  • Action/Reaction Technology forefoot and rearfoot
  • Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
  • High rebound EVA
  • Dual-density medial posting to forefoot
  • Met-flex enhanced forefoot flexibility
  • ETC anti-friction, anti-bacterial sockliner
  • Accommodates orthotics


  • High-density rubber
  • Carbon rubber heel
  • Minimal surface contact area

Green Features:

  • 100% recycled laces, webbing, insole topcover
  • 100% recycled box, packaging

As for me, I think I have found a running BFF in the Newton Motion Ladies Stability Running Shoes. Even if and/or when I get cured from my Plantar Fasciitis injury and have been able to make a full running comeback, this shoe model will most likely play a major part of my “running life”.


NEWTON’s “60 Days of Better”

LOVE RUNNING WITH NEWTON. RUNNR and Toby’s Sports’ promo lets runners try out a pair of Newton Running to know if the shoes fit their running style

Retailer offers customers a chance to run better with Newtons 

Dedicated walkers and runners invest a lot just to have the right pair of shoes. More than just picking out the best-looking pair, this means finding a pair that’s right for their feet, their running style, and what type of running they will be doing. 

More often than not, it is a trial and error process for the really passionate type of runners. According to Toby Claudio, president of Toby’s Sports and founder of the specialty store RUNNR, “These individuals put meticulous attention to how comfortable a pair fits and how much it enhances their performance. That’s why it will be a benefit to them to try out a pair first so they will experience if a shoe can actually turn them into a better runner. 

For someone in the athletic retail business, it certainly helps to carry a brand like Newton, the leading Natural Running footwear brand. Newton is committed to delivering superior performance and promoting optimal running form, and is now willing to back it up by offering a generous return/exchange policy that covers 60 days from purchase. 

Newton’s “60 Days of Better” is literally a trial run offered to those who purchase a pair at Toby’s Sports or RUNNR from September 15 to October 31, 2012. Customers can try on Newton 2011 and 2012 shoe models for 60 days, and if they are still unsatisfied, they can bring them back for an exchange.

This offer shows Newton’s stand in meeting the needs of a demanding athletic clientele. The brand believes that runners must have a partnership with their shoes, which is rarely built in a day, and every step must be taken to make it last.

“This campaign is a huge come on for the market to try on a pair and experience the benefits of having Newton Running shoes,” said Claudio. “We are proud to carry a brand that enhances our own commitment to customer satisfaction.” 

Newton Running points out that unlike other running shoes in the market, all Newton pairs are built on a more level platform, mirroring the geometry of one’s foot. The brand also uses a patented Action/Reaction Technology™ that provides up to 60 percent more cushioning and 40 percent more energy return than leading brands. Simply put, it helps runners achieve a faster and more efficient midfoot/forefoot running form with less injury. 

Such product investments are meant only for those who put in just as much into the sport. Newton Running shoes are available exclusively at selected Toby’s Sports and RUNNR outlets.

For more information on Newton’s 60 Days of Better promo, connect with Newton Running Philippines on Facebook thru or inquire at 651-7777.


Newton Running Philippines offers our customers a limited 60 day satisfaction guaranteed return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your Newton shoes, simply drop by our stores within 60 days of purchase, and tell us why you would like to return your Newton Running shoes.


  1. The “60-DAYS-OF-BETTER EXCHANGE/RETURN” of Newton shoes is valid from September 15, 2012 to October 31, 2012, on purchases at RUNNR, and selected Toby’s Sports only.
  2. This policy is only valid on Newton 2011 & 2012 shoe models.
  3. Returned/exchanged shoe must be enclosed in the original shoe box, and must be presented along with the original receipt.
  4. The returned/exchanged pair of Newton Running Shoes must be in good condition and is subject to proper evaluation of the shoes.
  5. Reason for exchange/return due to aesthetic preferences shall not be honored as valid.
  6. In replacement to the returned/exchanged shoe, RUNNR/Toby’s Sports shall issue a return credit amounting to the same value of the shoe. No cash refunds.
  7. Returns/exchanges are subject to evaluation of Newton Philippines management. It will take 15 working days to process approval/disapproval of the requested return/exchange.
  8. Newton Running Philippines reserves the right to change this return/exchange policy without prior notice and to limit sales or returns in situations of overuse, misuse, abuse of this policy.

Please Note

When used as intended, Newton Running shoes have a life expectancy of 350-500 miles, or about three to six months. The Newton MV2 is a racing flat, and its life expectancy is 150-250 miles, or about three to six months.

 To Return/Exchange outside the Philippines

Returns and exchanges can only be completed in the country from which the product was purchased.

NEWTON Women’s Stability Trainer

A couple of months ago, I received a surprise gift from the good people of RUNNR. This gift (an early birthday gift then, btw), the NEWTON Women’s Stability Trainer have been resting inside its box in my room, until I finally felt the perfect time to put it on to try just a week ago.

I have known about the Newton line of running shoes ever since the  first ever RUNNR Store opened and they introduced this to the Philippine running public. But I never got to own a pair until just this instance. And may I just say that its feels as if I found a new friend!

You see folks, I have in the past weeks have started feeling pain and discomfort on the bottom of my feet which, in the absence of a professional diagnosis, I will have to say is something that quite resembles a “Plantar Fasciitis” injury. Due to this, I have been very wary of trying out new footwear in the fear of aggravating the pain/injury more. 

But then again I checked the Newton Official Website and found this material about my pair:

“Newton Running’s top-of-the-line stability performance trainer is the ultimate shoe for Natural Running. Get a fast, flexible ride with greater energy return and less impact. This model has medial posting to offset pronation, enhanced durability in the heel, a new high-rebound midsole material and improved upper fit. This shoe allows you to run naturally — faster with greater efficiency and less overuse injuries (like achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis).” 

And they got me at the last statement! 🙂 And so truth be told, when I went on to sign-up for only the 5km race category of the NatGeo Earth Day Run, I decided that this will be the time when me and my new friend will have to get to know each other. As it was recommended that it was best to try to adapt to a pair of Newtons slowly and via short distance runs, the 5km race category is to be the perfect opportunity.

Today, can I just say that I finished the race with much satisfaction as not once did I feel the pain on either feet. And that was a great relief! With that development, my friend gained a ticket to come with me to my upcoming vacation. Hopefully we can have some time to bond and explore together.

And until that happens, I will have to just leave you all with my initial observations about the shoe:

  • it is light, my pair weighs a 8.7 ounces only
  • it has an open-air mesh that makes the foot breathable (i can see my socks from the outside!)
  • from my first use, the lugs on the shoes did not feel awkward or uncomfortable at all
  • it does help me land on my midfoot – just like when I run using my other favorite shoe when I Go, Run…
  • it comes in cute, no- loud color combinations but the one I have is just fine

My new friend is not the newest model in the Newton line of shoes, therefore, there are other bloggers who have come up with good worth-reading reviews about this shoe already. You may want to check Jaymie’s or Bards’ posts about the Newton Stability Trainer too as they were some of those who have owned a pair of this early on.

As for me, I will be looking forward to finally being able to fully-adapt to my pair and see if it can truly help me with my full running comeback. Who knows, I might be running in my Newtons at the same time that Papa Piolo does too! 

Thanks to Tin of RUNNR for my pair! Newton shoes are available in all RUNNR stores nationwide. 

RUNNR and Newton Pre-Xmas Promo

Visit the RUNNR store this weekend and check out their special pre-Christmas promos!


  • Free Limited Edition I’m a RUNNR T-Shirt, for a minimum purchase of P5,000 and above.

RUNNR Promo (4 x 6 inches)


  • Buy any Newton racer and get 10% off plus a free limited edition I’m a RUNNR shirt
  • For every pair of Newton Guidance Trainers, get a free Newton premium shopping bag and a limited edition I’m a RUNNR shirt

Newton 4-Day Promo ( 4 x 6 inches)

The RUNNR Store is located at Building B3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The Science of Running – PART 1

Last week I together with Run Radio Executive Producer Marga Deona were among the attendees of the “The Science of Running” clinic presented by RUNNR Academy. The clinic was originally a 50-slots-only event but the number of registered hopefuls reached 100+ prompting the organizers to stretch the slots to a max of 80 attendees. The huge number of interested registrants is understandable because the topics were pretty interesting and relevant. As for me, I can fairly say that whatever (little) knowledge I have were truly reinforced and additional learnings were gathered from attending this.

Since there were some who were not be able to attend, let me share to you folks my notes. Hopefully, these will prove to be useful knowledge to you all as it is for me. Since this will be a long post, I decided to divide this into three parts. The first (this post) being the event’s press release, the second for my notes on Mr. Adrian Mok’s talk and the third and last, my notes on Mr. Arland Macasieb’s portion and part of the Q&A.

Top Runners Talks on the Science of Running

RUNNR Owner, Mr Toby Claudio with Adrian, Arland and Polar Representative

RUNNR Owner, Mr Toby Claudio with Adrian, Arland and Polar Representative

The Runnr Academy recently conducted a running clinic entitled  “The Science of Running” at the Runnr store in B3, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City.

The clinic featured two of top-ranked athletes namely, Filipino-American Arland Macasieb and Singaporean Adrian Mok.  Arland, a professional triathlete, exercise physiologist, and bronze medalist-triathlon (2005 and 2007), shared valuable tips on “Optimal Running Technique”, while Adrian, the 2008 ALPS marathon contender and participant in the Ironman world championship in Hawaii in 2004, discussed “Heart Rate Training for Running”.

The Runnr Academy is part of the Runnr specialty store’s sports development program focused on promoting the sport of running. The clinic was sponsored by Polar and Newton, two top brands available at Runnr. Polar is the world’s leading maker of heat rate monitors, while Newton is the revolutionary new shoe brand that uses technology based on Newton’s law of motion.

Macasieb, 33, holds an MA in Exercise from the Montclair State University. The three-time Philippine National Triathlon champion (2001, 2005, and 2006) and six-time Ironman finisher talked about common running errors among recreational runners; attributes of elite runners; running posture and tools, drills and skills; and formula for speed. He is looking to participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2012 Summer Olympics-Triathlon in London. Says Macasieb, “I want to help develop and grow the sport of triathlon and speed skating in both in the United States and in the Philippines.”

Mok, an accomplished athlete in endurance sports who has represented Singapore for triathlon on a national level, will talk about running at the right intensity to improve performance, and pairing training goals with the right heart-rate zone. He works as the general manager of Polar Electro Singapore and owns a local sports outfit. Mok, who also takes credit for bringing Ironman 70.3 to Singapore, says he is a true advocate of a healthy and active lifestyle.

For more information on other running events and activities, you may visit the RUNNR specialty store at B3 on Bonifacio High Street, or log on to <>

You can also check out their Facebook and Twitter account at and

RUNNR is the first world-class running specialty store in the country.  Located in B3, Bonifacio High Street, RUNNR is the first and only specialty store of its kind with all manner of runners in mind.
RUNNR has the best running gear from all the top brands such as Adidas, Asics, Fuelbelt, Hammer, Mizuno, Nathan, New Balance, Nike, Polar and many more. It is also the first to launch the revolutionary line of Newton Running Shoes and CW-X compression apparel in the country.
RUNNR features an exclusive Footworx Fitting process, a combination of three, state-of-the-art technologies: the Footprint Scanning, High-Speed Video Gait Analysis, and the Custom Insole Molding. The store is the first and only store in the country (and possibly the world) to offer all three technologies under one roof.
A team of highly trained staff can take each customer through the Footworx fitting process to be able to offer accurate and comprehensive recommendations based on an individual foot type and gait characteristics. First, foot morphology is analyzed using the RUNNR Podoscope, which uses two combined features: a thermodynamic scanning system for viewing the foot print and direct measurement of foot and arch dimensions which determine foot type. Second, using the high-speed video gait analysis, customers will run on a treadmill while the camera captures the way they run, checking their pronation angle as they go through their normal gait cycle. They can compare different shoe to find the one that works best for them. Lastly, RUNNR offers the ‘Flashfit’ custom insole molding process where insoles are heat-treated to make the perfect insoles in while you wait.
These customized services ensure that whatever one’s requirements as a runner, the shoes and optional insoles minimize foot instability for better shock absorption, and minimize fatigue while reducing the chances of injury.
RUNNR is the brainchild of the people behind Toby’s Sports, the country’s largest and most popular sports retail chain.
Other running gears available at RUNNR include Fuelbelt and Nathan hydration packs, Polar heart-rate monitors, and will be the first to market the revolutionary line of Newton running shoes in the Philippines.

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